Sound Off Reactions On If The New Day Should Break Demolition's Record With A Win On RAW Tonight

Yesterday, we posed the question: should The New Day win tonight and get the all-time tag title record? With over three hundred comments, you all had plenty to say, so let's get to a couple thoughts that trended throughout your replies.

1) Yes, they should! - The general tone in the comments was basically a resounding "Yes," although, the reasons varied wildly. The top reason was we're days away from the record being broken and it would be a waste not to it. All the build-up and stalling WWE has done so far, it would be a major surprise for them not to go through with them winning. There was a great comment that brought up the fact that if New Day doesn't prevail, then we're going to have to sit through another long run at some point in the future. Even though long title runs are necessary, really long runs can sometimes become a bore.

2) Do they deserve it? - Some people felt they should win, "Just to get it over with" and not necessarily because Kofi, Xavier, and Big E deserve it. One of the most popular words used, was "Stale," especially as the trio turned away from their trolling ways, to a more kid friendly, group of good/funny guys. Ultimately, the New Day has made WWE a lot of money and that's reason enough for the company to keep them at the top for as long as possible.

3) Turn heel - Many of you fantasy booked what could happen and turning heel was a main theme in many of those comments. Some of you thought the group should cheat to win, and then run with the titles for a little bit longer as heels. The other idea was to have one guy turn on the group and cost them the titles, thus breaking up the stable. When talks of a split comes up, Big is usually the guy who would go off on a singles' run.

4) Demolition wasn't that great - There were plenty of people who gave Demolition props, but the slight majority referred to them as "Road Warrior rip-offs" and that sometimes older wrestlers get put on pedestals. Records are made to be broken and they had a nice run at the top.

5) Cesaro/Sheamus should win the titles, eventually - Even though most of you wanted New Day to hold the titles for now, Cesaro/Sheamus were mentioned a ton as the team who should take the titles next. Seems like I came across Cass/Enzo more times than Gallows/Anderson, no love for the bald guys!

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see which road WWE takes tonight. For now, here are some of the top comments:


"Let's say they beat the record. Where do they go next? Nobody has a great idea of what to do after they break that record. What would be next for New Day and the other teams in the match? It's not a great division. Gallows and Anderson should have come in and owned the place, but they haven't. Sheamus and Cesaro are just basically gelling now. These are two guys who would get a boost from winning and having a good run with the belts. I would have New Day lose the titles."

Brent Darnold:

"I can't think of any logical reason why not. Records are made to be broken and if WWE can go the route of ending the streak without the sky falling, then there's no harm in ending the 26+ year record tag title reign of a tag team that, in my opinion, was never much to write home about in the first place. To me, Demolition was a poor man's, middle aged, weaker version of the Road Warriors."


"Yes they deserve it, three talented individuals who turned their careers around and personified sports entertainment every week for over a year. I'll now go eat my Booty O's."

Slick Flair:

"Why come this far to not break it? That means we're going to have to see another tag team hold titles this long sooner rather than later. To actually break the record. Just do it with this team."


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