Yesterday, we asked you which show was better this week: Raw or SmackDown? With over 250 comments, here are some thoughts that trended throughout the comments.

1) SmackDown Wins! - Okay, this week was pretty obvious which show was better, so obvious that it angered some of you that we even posed this question. With more interesting stories, Miz getting slapped, and some new main event players, this week's SmackDown had an edge to it that got fans buzzing.

2) The Same Old Raw - The usual response of Raw being too long was peppered throughout your replies, but also some talked about the pattern that the show is falling into week after week. Start with a promo, bring out top talent first, then show off the rest of the roster (tag teams/cruiserweights) until the main event. Fans can actually tune in and out knowing they won't miss much, which causes the show to lose its unpredictability. Many of you mentioned how you don't even watch now or can't make it through an entire episode.

3) New Main Event Players - SmackDown has a smaller roster, so they need to be a lot more flexible when it comes to moving people up and down the card. In this case, we saw both Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin getting moved up to the main event to battle against AJ Styles. The three will meet next week in stacked card that will include three title matches and the return of John Cena.

4) Braun Strowman, Destroyer of Trees - Since the draft, Braun has become one of the best booked wrestlers on Raw, building a streak of dominance while also distancing himself away from his former association with the Wyatt Family. Stepping things up this week, he destroyed four wrestlers, including Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. This was all done in a very believable way as Braun continues to show General Manager Mick Foley that he is not to be played with. Is Braun going to put on clinics in the ring? Of course not, but if WWE continues to play to his strengths, it's something many of you want to see more of going forward.

5) The King of the Cruiserweights - If we had to pick a "Wrestler of the Week," Neville may not win, but he would be very close to the top with his return and brand new vicious attitude toward the entire Cruiserweight division. While we're focusing on only the two shows, if you haven't seen 205 Live, Neville continued his dominance, which is worth your time.

Thanks to everyone who responded, this will be a weekly question going forward. For now, here are some of the top comments:


"Raw's strong points in 3 hours:

SD's strong points in 2 hours:
James gets killed
Corbin gets a main event shot
Solid IC title match
The Miz's interview
All 5 available women get showcased in good segments
Wyatts have strong showing
Solid main event
AJ kills Corbin and Ziggler

Yeah, SmackDown wins."


"Pftttt, isn't it obvious? SD is edgier and each wrassler is in a proper storyline. Having said that, Lord Strowmy is on Raw so I'm going with the red brand just for that reason."


"SmackDown, by a very big margin. The showcasing of the women is great, the mid-card champion is prominent, new guys in the main event scene and the WWE Champion is the best in the world right now. Great stuff."


"I really think if Raw went to 2 hours it wouldn't be as bad as people make it."