Sound Off: Should Roman Reigns Or Kevin Owens Win The Title At WWE Roadblock: End Of The Line?

Tomorrow night at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line we will see the WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens defend his title against Roman Reigns. The two have been running into each other for weeks and this match could potentially settle their differences, while also giving wrestling fans a glimpse of who could be champion as we roll into (and through) WrestleMania Season.

So, the question is pretty straight forward: Who should win tomorrow night: Roman Reigns or Kevin Owens? Do you enjoy Owens as champion or do you think it's time for a change and Reigns should become a double WWE Champion?

Sound off with your thoughts in the "Comments" below and tomorrow morning we'll post a follow-up with the top quotes, along with any ideas that may have trended throughout your replies.


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