Sound Off: Should The New Day Get The Tag Title Record Tomorrow On Raw?

Tomorrow night, The New Day will be chasing history as they defend their Raw Tag Team Titles one last time before becoming the all-time tag title holders in the entire history of the WWE. To achieve this, they will have to defeat not only Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, but Cesaro and Sheamus, as well. If Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, and Big E can do so, they will take over Demolition's 478 day record with the World Tag Team Titles.

So, the question is pretty simple: should The New Day get the record? Did they do enough in your mind to become number one or should WWE pull a massive upset and have them lose tomorrow on Raw?

Sound off with your thoughts in the "Comments" below and tomorrow we'll post a follow-up with the top quotes, along with any ideas that may have trended throughout your replies.


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