TNA Creative Head Says "Tag Team Apocalypto Will Be The Most Amazing Match Ever Presented On TV"

TNA creative head Jeremy Borash spoke with Sports Illustrated recently and discussed Hardys, Tag team Apocalypto and more. Below are some highlights.

The Hardys:

"TNA has had hundreds of talents come through over its history and Matt and Jeff are in a virtual tie for most uniquely gifted performers I've ever worked with. Jeff has always been a rock star. His creativity frightens me, like a Jim Morrison, Evel Knievel, and Andy Warhol lovechild. Matt's "Broken Brilliance" only manifested this year and he has been called the most captivatingly innovative performer to come along in years. The combination of the two, a drone, a gardener, and an incredibly gifted wife and future king have turned the Hardys into television's modern day Addams Family."

Tag Team Apocalypto:

"Tag Team Apocalypto will be the most amazing match ever presented on television. Bold statement. Different than anything you've ever seen. Wrestling as we know it needs to evolve with the rest of entertainment, and this will be looked back at someday as a game changer. Early screeners have left people stunned. Books may be written on this match. With the secluded nature of our shooting, there will be a number of talents showing up you would never expect. Going to reserve comment regarding any specific contractual agreements at this time."

Total Non-Stop Deletion being special:

"The buzz surrounding the "Final Deletion" landed Matt Hardy on every wrestler of the year award list. Promoting a show on his own compound and injecting guys like Lashley and Eddie Edwards into that unique world, not to mention any number of unexpected guests, Matt Hardy had a premonition that Total Nonstop Deletion will be his Citizen Kane."

Borash also talked about being a live event host for Robert Irvine and more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Sports Illustrated


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