Impact opens with a video recap. It chronicles the recent history between the DCC and The Hardy's. How Jeff Hardy attempted to take on the DCC by himself, only to be defeated by them. Also featured in the video package is Matt Hardy's recovery from amnesia last week. When the "7 Deities" sent him a sign courtesy of a bolt of lightning.

Impact Grand Championship Match

Aron Rex takes the mic prior to this match. Which will have Grand Championship rules. Rex says that he has established his title as the greatest of all. Rex issues an open challenge to anyone in the back. Moose's music hits and Rex asks that Grado's music be hit instead. Rex yells stop and tries to get Moose to not come to the ring. His pleas fall on deaf ears.

Aron Rex vs. Moose

Round One

It's been awhile. Same 3 round format. 10 point scoring system by nameless judges..... Clock starts and Rex attempts to stall for time and avoid Moose. He runs to the outside and performs a cartwheel. Nearly 1 minute has already gone by. Rex and Moose finally lock up inside the ring. They battle briefly, Rex rakes Moose's eye. He recovers and just like that, Hits Aron Rex with the "Game Changer" discus lariat and pins him.

Moose defeats Aron Rex by pinfall in 1:15 to become The New Impact Grand Champion

Moose beats Rex with just 1:45 left in the 1st round. Moose is introduced as the new champion. While Rex lays on the mat stunned. Jeremy Borash is in the ring to interview Moose. He says that this is why he came to TNA. To become a champion. Moose challenges everyone in the locker room to come after his title. Leads the crowd in a Moose chant.... Jeremy goes over to Aron Rex. Trying to get his feelings on the loss. Rex refuses to talk. Says that he can't do this. He covers his head in a towel, starts crying and walks away.

Jeff Hardy is in the parking lot. He is asked if Matt will be joining him tonight. Jeff says that he is unsure of his brother's mental state. He is happy to be seeing him regardless of when he arrives. Says that he and his brother will successfully defend their tag titles tonight. That it's going to be deja vu. Something he has seen before.

When the show returns. A promo airs for the six sides of steel cage match for the vacant TNA Knockouts Championship between Jade and Rosemary later tonight.

The DCC makes their way into the ring. In their black suit/white tie/white mask attire. James Storm takes the mic in ring. He keeps the mask on and his voice is distorted. A recording plays over the sound system. "Storm" says that the DCC represents people who have been trampled on and passed by. Storm says that they are not here to delete or make anyone obsolete. He then goes on to say that The Hardy's are going to be erased..... That when The Hardy's fall. They will rise. Jeff Hardy's music hits. He arrives alone with both tag titles draped over his shoulders. Jeff gets into the ring and confronts the DCC. He gets on the mic and tells them that they think that they are a virus. Jeff says that the DCC is not going to spread on TNA. That they will be facing him and his brother for the tag titles. The two men who survived the great war. The two men who got stronger from The Final Deletion. Jeff tells the DCC that their movement will end with the push of the delete button. He starts a delete chant with the crowd. The DCC take off their masks. Eddie Kingston in his own voice, laughs at Jeff and asks him where Matt is. Jeff strikes him and The DCC pounces on Jeff. Storm grabs the tag title and hits him with it. They both beat down Jeff as the crowd chants for Matt.... DCC's countdown clock appears on screen and when the lights go out, "Broken" Matt Hardy is in the ring. Matt attacks the DCC and sends them out of the ring. Jeff gets on the mic and with his back turned to Matt. He says Brother Moore?.... "I knew you'd come". Not sure if Jeff is playing a joke on Matt by calling him Moore. Could be a shout out to his buddy Shannon Moore....

* As noted correctly on the message board. Matt's middle name is actually Moore. Jeff appeared to laugh when he called Matt by his middle name. Not quite sure if it was planned or not.

Matt gets on the mic and says that the tag titles belong to their broken brilliance. He says that his memory has been restored and is more vivid than ever. The Hardy's will defend the titles against the DCC later tonight. Matt changes what the DCC acronym stands for to "Deletion Coming Cowards!". Matt leads the crowd in a "Delete" chant to end the segment.

A promo airs featuring Team Go For Broke. Mandrews, Braxton Sutter and DJZ talk about their team and their upcoming 3 way match for the X title tonight. All 3 men say that they will all still be a team, no matter who ends up winning.

Three-Way Match for The TNA X Division Championship

DJ Z vs. Braxton Sutter vs. Mandrews

These 3 men actually won a Team X Gold elimination match last week, that led to this. With the winning team getting an X Division Title Shot. Go For Broke won, so Z has to defend against his two partners.

Tornado styled 3-Way with all 3 men starting off in the ring. Z is disposed of and sent to the outside of the ring early on. Mandrews and Sutter go at it for awhile. Mandrews hits Sutter with a basement drop kick. Z is back in. Mandrews then hits a northern lights suplex on him. Follows that up with a standing moonsault. He covers DJ for a 2 count. Z rolls to the outside of the ring. Sutter is back up. He hits a powerslam on Mandrews. Braxton ends up being thrown to the ropes and backflipped out of the ring by a returning DJ Z. Mandrews then kicks Z off of the ring apron. He ends up leaping onto the steel steps, and moonsaulting onto both Z and Sutter on the outside.

Mandrews grabs his skateboard at ringside, He heads up the ramp and attempts to ride it down the ramp to execute an aerial move. Z stops him in his tracks with a clothesline. Mandrews hits the deck and Z and Sutter end up inside the ring. DJ appears to hurt his right knee. Mandrews is back in the ring. Both he and Sutter temporarily hesitate when they see Z injured. Z rolls to the outside.... Mandrews and Sutter continue fighting, Sutter ends up being sent to the outside of the ring next to DJ Z. Mandrews attempts to run off the ropes and leap onto them, but Z trips up and limps back into the ring. Z heads to the top rope, but Mandrews meets him up there with a missile dropkick. Mandrews sets up Z for a hurancanrana, DJ pushes Mandrews down to the mat. Sutter is in and goes after DJ. Z suplexes him off the top rope and onto a fallen Mandrews. He then leaps onto both of them with a flying cross body. Mandrews and Sutter try to team up against DJ Z. He fights out of it and hits a reverse neckbreaker on both of them at the same time. Z sets up for his finisher, The ZDT. Attempts it on Sutter but is met with a stiff right boot in mid air. Sutter hits the flatliner on Z. Rather than cover DJ. Braxton goes over to suplex Mandrews. Mandrews counters and hits a stunner on Sutter. Mandrews then hits a beautiful looking shooting star press off the top rope and onto Sutter. When he lands, DJZ rolls him up and pins him for the victory.

DJ Z defeats Braxton Sutter & Mandrews to retain the TNA X Division Championship

After the match. Both Sutter and Mandrews tend to an injured DJ Z. They both raise his hand in victory and then... Mandrews kicks Z's injured knee and knocks him down. Sutter yells at Mandrews for doing this. Braxton tries to find out why Mandrews did this. Mandrews tells him that, he should be X Division Champion and that Z always steals the spotlight. Mandrews walks away from the ring.

Backstage, Allie has just finished watching the end of the X division match. Laurel Van Ness is next to Allie. Teases her and says that Allie is sad that Braxton Sutter didn't win. Laurel says that maybe she will have to "cheer him up" later. Allie says that she has never seen Braxton and Laurel together. Laurel says that they are keeping their relationship on the down low. Laurel talks down to Allie. Tells her that she knows, she tried to hit her with a pie last week at the Thanksgiving dinner. Laurel tells Allie that she will never have a man like Braxton Sutter and that after tonight, Allie won't even have a job.

Maria and Laurel Van Ness make their way to the ring. Maria says that this is the holiday season and that she is a very charitable person. That Maria has given so much and some people don't appreciate her giving ways. She calls out Allie to the ring. Maria yells at the fans for cheering for Allie. Allie gets on the mic and she apologizes for hitting Maria with a pie last week. Maria says that she knows that Allie intended it for Laurel. She says that Allie is jealous of Laurel and her relationship with Braxton Sutter... Maria then goes on to blame Allie for losing the Knockouts title at Bound For Glory. How Allie revealed that she was cleared by the doctors to wrestle. Allie says that honesty is the best policy. Maria calls Allie the worst assistant that she has ever had. Laurel grabs the mic and taunts Allie. Tells her that she went out with Sutter last night. That they went dancing and had a good time. Laurel claims that Sutter said something to her. Offers to tell Allie what he said and then whispers it in Allie's ear. Allie screams that Braxton would never say that. Calls Laurel a liar. Maria calms Laurel down. Says that Allie doesn't know how to fight and can't wrestle. Maria calls Allie a stupid b*tch and Allie slaps her. Laurel attacks Allie and beats her down. Her and Maria walk away from a fallen Allie.

After the commercial break. A Rosemary promo airs hyping tonight's six sides of steel cage match.

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

The Hardy's vs. (The DCC) Eddie Kingston & Bram

No Reby playing piano to introduce Broken Matt and Brother Nero this time.

All 4 men start brawling to kick this one off. James Storm attempts to interfere throughout. After the early brawling. The DCC control the majority of the match. They take out Jeff and start double teaming Matt on the inside for a long period of time. Eventually Matt rallies. Hits a running bulldog and clothesline combo on Kingston and Bram. He then clotheslines James Storm off of the apron when he attempts to interfere. Matt then hits the side effect on Kingston and gets a close fall on him. A recovered Jeff Hardy goes after Bram. Knocks him to the outside and takes down James Storm as well. Jeff gets back in the ring and double teams Eddie Kingston with his brother Matt. They each hit separate twists of fate on Kingston. Matt covers and pins Eddie Kingston.

The Hardy's defeat The DCC to retain The TNA World Tag Team Championship

A video package airs with Gail Kim's potential retirement announcement a few weeks back, how it was interrupted by Rosemary, when she attacked both Kim and Jade.....Jade is shown in the video package, training for the match.

Highlights are then shown of EC3's victory over Eli Drake last week. How Carter's victory has silenced Drake..... EC3 is now backstage and he confronts Eli Drake. Who is sitting on a crate listening to his headphones. Carter teases Drake about not being able to speak. Carter talks about his world title shot next week vs. Eddie Edwards. Tells Drake that if he wants a title shot against him, when he wins. That all he has to do is say the word. An agitated and shaking Eli Drake tries to contain himself from responding.

When the show returns from the break. Highlights are shown of what took place last week between the Tribunal, Al Snow and Mahabali Shera. An irate Al Snow is backstage with Shera. Snow shows the camera man the welts on his back, from The Tribunal whipping him with a strap last week. Snow says he brought the Tribunal to TNA and that he is going to take them out. Snow challenges The Tribunal to an Indian Strap match.

Ethan Carter makes his way to the ring. EC3 is dressed in a suit. He takes the mic. Compliments the fans who are chanting for him. He even tells a young girl in the crowd that her sign is upside down. Instructs her to turn it the right way.... Carter talks about how he lost at Bound For Glory, and how he has rebounded now to become the #1 contender again. Carter then asks the current TNA World Champion Eddie Edwards to come to the ring. That he has a message for him. Edwards arrives and Carter calls Edwards a tremendous champion and gives him credit for beating Lashley. Something, that he admits, that he couldn't do. Edwards talks about how he and EC3 are friends. How he respects Carter and how becoming champion hasn't changed him as a person. EC3 tells Edwards that although he respects him. He wants to warn him that he will not fail. That he will beat Edwards for the TNA World Title. Edwards says that he wants Carter to bring his passion when facing him. Mentions that Carter's family name doesn't matter. That being the champion is the only thing that matters. EC3 says that Edwards being champ is one thing, but that staying a champ is another. Carter warns Edwards that he isn't afraid to stab Edwards in the back. If it means being world champ again. EC3 walks off after this threat.

TNA Hall of Famer Gail Kim comes out to the ring with the TNA Knockouts Championship in hand. Madison Rayne has joined in on commentary. Kim is here to relinquish the title and be on had to watch the upcoming match.

Rosemary vs. Jade

Rosemary charges at Jade to start the match. They end up on the outside of the cage, because the cage door had not been shut yet. Rosemary grabs a trash can and throws it, and Jade back into the ring. Jade starts to fight back with a variation of different kicks. Knocks down Rosemary and then hits a gut wrench suplex. Goes for an early cover but Rosemary kicks out. The show goes to it's last break....

Back from the break, Jade is still in control. She hits a flying head scissors on Rosemary. She then goes back to kicking Rosemary repeatedly. Jade charges at Rosemary in the corner. Rosemary pretends to spew mist at her. Jade ducks and Rosemary hits with her a high knee. Rosemary then mounts Jade and grounds, and pounds her. Shen then connects with a lariat on Jade. Rosemary then tries to ram Jade's head into the steel cage, but Jade battles back briefly before getting hit with another lariat by Rosemary. She then grabs Jade's head and rakes her face against the steel cage. Rosemary continues to beat down Jade and even licks her. Jade attempts to rally, goes back to her kicks but Rosemary counters and suplexes her into the cage. Rosemary then grabs the trash can and sets it next to Jade's head in the corner. Rosemary heads to the top rope. Jade recovers and meets her up there. Jade ends up hitting a hurancanrana on Rosemary. She starts building up some momentum. Picks up Rosemary in a choke hold, rams her against the cage and then slams her down. Covers her for a 2 count. Rosemary and Jade are back on their feet. Rosemary counters Jade and hits a german suplex. They both end up climbing the cage together. Jade knocks Rosemary down. Then she heads to the top of the cage. Jade hits a flying cross body on Rosemary off the top of the steel cage.

Jade covers Rosemary but she kicks out. Jade attempts to finish off Rosemary. She goes to the top rope to attempt a 450 splash. Rosemary rises and spews mist into Jade's eyes. Rosemary then hits the "Red Wedding" on Jade and pins her.

Rosemary defeats Jade by pinfall to become the New TNA Knockouts Champion

Rosemary celebrates with the title in front of a disappointed Gail Kim. Rosemary climbs the cage with the title, as the show comes to an end.