Just minutes before the start of Impact. TNA retweeted a post from Fox Sports. Where Matt Hardy challenges "The Day of The New", "The Bucks of Youth", and confirms that "The Express that Rocks and Rolls", will be a part of next week's 'Apocalypto' tag team match, in "Total Nonstop Deletion".


- Impact opens with a video hyping tonight's world championship match between Eddie Edwards and EC3.

We are now in the Impact Zone, and the new Impact Grand Champion, Moose heads to the ring. He gets a you deserve it chant from the crowd. Moose talks about his career as a pro athlete. How it's always been about winning championships. Calls the Grand title, his first major championship win as a wrestler. He credits the fans for their support, and that he couldn't have done it without them. Moose wants to be a fighting champion. Drew Galloway's music hits, and he heads to the ring, to confront Moose. Drew tells Moose that he needs to respect him and needs to know his history. Galloway makes Moose say his name. Which he does, Galloway proclaims that he is back. Drew says that he carried TNA on his back when it was down and out. How carrying the company led to his injury. Galloway discredits the Grand Championship. Says that he made it to the final, and would have become champ, if not for his injury before Bound for Glory. Drew tells Moose that everything that has happened with the Grand championship, has been comparable to an NFL preseason. That it didn't count. This reference gets a laugh out of Moose. Drew says that when he gets in the ring for the Grand title, that it will be the equivalent of a Superbowl. Galloway challenges Moose to a championship match. Moose says that he wants to do it now, and gets the crowd to chant his name in favor of it. Aron Rex comes out onto the stage. He mocks Drew's return. He offers to shake Galloway's hand, but is afraid that he may get injured from it. Rex calls himself the best Grand champion. Calls his loss to Moose a fluke. He thinks that a 3 second pinfall should not constitute a defeat. The fans boo Rex. He tells them to shut up and threatens to sue them for "Rexual Harassment". Aron says that he has a rematch clause and will invoke it right now.

Impact Grand Championship Match
Moose vs. Aron Rex

Round One

Moose dominates the early going of round one. By chopping Rex in the corner. Aron adjusts the tape on his fingers, and then punches Moose. The punch sends Moose flying to the outside. The implication that Rex has his rings underneath the tape. Moose is laid out in front of one of the nameless judges. Rex goes out to get him. Drags him inside the ring. Rex tries to pin Moose, but he kicks out at the last second. Rex gets frustrated, and starts driving knees into Moose's back. He applies a chinlock. Moose gets back to his feet but Rex throws him to the outside of the ring. Under a minute left, Rex gets Moose back in the ring, and applies another chinlock. Under 30 seconds, Moose amounts a comeback but Rex runs outside the ring, and the bell sounds for the end of the round.

* Round One Scorecard- All 3 judges score the round 10-9 for Aron Rex.

Round Two

Before the start of the next round. Rex is wiping his hands with his towel in the corner. The same towel, he used to put a questionable substance on his hands, that blinded Jessie Godderz a few weeks back. Aron attempts to rake Moose's eyes, but he ducks. Stars hitting Rex with several strikes. Rex runs to the apron. Moose follows him there. Rex then rakes Moose in the eyes. Moose is blinded and falls to his knees. Rex is on the attack now. Drops a knee to Moose's head and attempts a pinfall. Moose kicks out, but Rex throws him to the outside of the ring. Aron goes after Moose and rams him into the apron. Action back in the ring and Rex stays in control. Under a minute left... Moose tries to battle his vision issues and Rex, but is quickly knocked down. With time running out, Rex hits his "Elbow of Distinction" on Moose. Attempts a pinfall and Moose just barely kicks out. Time runs out as Rex pounds away on Moose.

* Round Two Scorecard- All 3 judges score the round 10-9 for Aron Rex.

Round Three

Rex is ahead on the scorecard, and if he can stick and move for the next 3 minutes. He can steal back the Grand Championship. Moose however, is ready out the gate for this round. He hits a standing dropkick on Rex. Follows that up with the "Game Changer" and just like that with 2:31 left in the round, Moose pins Aron Rex.

Moose defeats Aron Rex by pinfall in Round Three to retain The Impact Grand Championship

- Eddie Edwards cuts a promo backstage hyping his world title defense against EC3 later tonight. He says that he has a chip on his shoulder, because he knows that he has been doubted. Says that fate will leave him tonight with the title.

-Back from the break. Drew Galloway is backstage. He rips TNA for how they have treated him. He calls himself a leader, and that he knows what is best for TNA. Even if the company doesn't know it. He promises to be a champion once again.

Aiden O'Shea vs. Mandrews

Just a week after Mandrews turned on his Go For Broke partner DJ Z. O' Shea had been playing the role of Billy Corgan's enforcer. He has stood guard in recent weeks, in front of the office of "The Boss". Mandrews tries to be more aggressive early on, facing a much larger opponent. He then attempts to take to the air, but Aiden shuts him down. He then proceeds to beat him down for the next few minutes. Mandrews battles back with several kicks. Mandrews goes to the top rope, leaps off but gets caught by O'Shea in mid air. Mandrews is able to escape Aiden's grasp, and knock him to the outside. He then hits an over the top rope dive onto O'Shea. Back in the ring, Mandrews hits a springboard senton on Aiden. He then heads to the top rope, and hits the shooting star press on O'Shea and defeats him.

Mandrews defeats Aiden O'Shea by pinfall

Double Strap Match
Baron Dax & Basile Baraka (The Tribunal) vs. Al Snow & Mahabali Shera

- Much like a traditional strap match. Except this is a tag match. Both members of a team have to touch each corner in succession without being interrupted. In TNA's case, There are 6 corners.

The Tribunal acts like they want no part of this. They start to turn back and leave. Snow and Shera chase them down and beat them up on the ramp. Al Snow bounds his strap to Basile Baraka. Shera is bound to Baron Dax. All 4 men head back to the ring. The Tribunal knocks down Snow and Shera, when the match is officially started. Dax and Baraka attempt to touch all the turnbuckles, but are stopped midway through by Snow and Shera. The Tribunal makes good use of the straps and start choking them out. They once again attempt to touch the corners together, but Snow and Shera stop them. The Tribunal now starts whipping Snow and Shera. Back to the corners, Basile touches all 6 corners. He waits on Baron. Dax gets to 5. As he is reaching for the final turnbuckle. Shera knocks Dax down with a forearm. To break up the count.

Snow and Shera now fire up and take control of the match. They take down the Tribunal and start whipping them with the straps. This goes on for awhile. Eventually Al Snow and Mahabali head to the corners. They get to 5 each. Before they can get to 6 together. The Tribunal is back up, they start tugging on the straps to prevent Snow and Shera from winning the match. Snow and Shera both use the strap, to throw the Tribunal over the top rope. They pull them out and then simultaneously touch the 6th and final turnbuckle, to win the match.

Al Snow & Mahabali Shera defeat The Tribunal in a Double Strap Match

- Video airs of "Broken" Matt Hardy dreaming of "Apocalypto" at next week's "Total Nonstop Deletion".

- When the show returns from the break. Ethan Carter cuts a promo about his world title opportunity against Eddie Edwards tonight. In the middle of EC3's promo, He talks about how fate has brought him to this moment. Just then Eli Drake interrupts him. He doesn't speak a single word because he can't, but he gestures that Carter will choke tonight. EC3 says that choking is what got Drake in the predicament, he is currently in.

- The Broken Hardy's have arrived in the "Zone of Impact". Matt and Brother Nero are accompanied by Reby Hardy and King Maxel. Matt says that tonight is a special night. Matt says that he is sure that everyone has heard the buzz and rumors. That in 7 days, He will present the most extraordinary event known to mankind. The greatest event in the history of the industry. That it will be so delightful that Dixie Carter and Mick Mahonn can not promote it. Not even Hangman, but only the broken brilliance of Matt Hardy can promote it. "Total Nonstop Deletion" will be at The Hardy compound in Cameron, North Carolina. Matt says that all the Impact stars will be on the card. There will be knockouts matches. Matt says that everyone's favorites like Senor Benjamin, Vanguard 1 and Maxel will be there.

- In one of the cutest moments in TNA history. Matt addresses his son Maxel. Who is dressed in his dad's broken gear. Matt tells him that he will make his in ring debut in 7 days. Maxel actually claps at this news. The crowd breaks out into a much deserved "Maxel" chant. Matt Hardy now announces a tag team "Apocalypto" match. That he and his brother Nero will defend the tag titles against all teams throughout space and time. It will be an open challenge to any legendary tag teams. Matt promises to delete everyone. The Hardy family does the delete gesture with the crowd.

Out comes Shane Helms. He says that he is coming to Total Nonstop Deletion. Matt accepts and invites Helms. He mocks him by saying that he looks forward to seeing the obsolete 3 Count back in action. Helms gets upset with this joke... Matt says that Shane is going to bring one of his robust superheroes with him... Funny reference.... Helms says that he is going to bring Trevor Lee and Andrew Everett to the Hardy compound. Matt says that they will be deleted. The Decay's music hits. Rosemary is on the mic. Says that The Decay has not forgotten about The Hardy's and The Great War. Rosemary shows off her Knockouts title. Calls herself The Demon, and that they forced Gail Kim into retirement. Abyss tells Matthew and Jeffrey, that they are the death dealers. He says, Don't make us come back to Cameron to take back the tag titles.
Crazzy Steve tells the Hardy's that they are a walking and living nightmare. That the last time, They were at the Hardy compound. They took Matt's son away from him, and that this time. They will take everything. Matt invites The Decay to next week's TND and gets the fans to chant "TND" and Delete. Gregory Helms gets in the ring and Matt hits a twist of fate on him.

- Back from the break. A DCC video airs. They say that their mission continues next week at Total Nonstop Deletion. They promise to bring chaos to the Hardy compound.

Maria and Laurel Van Ness make their way to the ring. Followed by Laurel's opponent Allie. Maria gets on the mic and mocks Allie. Tells her that she can't wrestle and isn't in proper wrestling gear. Allie says that she has been training to wrestle. Maria laughs at her. Asks Allie who trained her. Allie gets in Laurel's face and says Braxton Sutter. Sutter makes his way to the ring for this match to be in Allie's corner.

Laurel Van Ness vs. Allie

Madison Rayne is on commentary. She sells this match on commentary, as if Allie is a complete novice. Allie hits a nice arm drag on Laurel to start things off. They both tie up in the ring, Allie escapes and hits another arm drag. Laurel fight back briefly, but Sutter's instructions help Allie counter Laurel's offense. When Van Ness does gain control. She starts to beat down Allie in front of Braxton, and taunts him. Allie eventually fires up, hits multiple clotheslines on Laurel. Then suplexes her. Allie goes over to Braxton for approval after every move, she executes. Both women run at each other and hit double clotheslines. With both women down, The ref starts the 10 count. Sutter gets on the apron to encourage Allie to get up. Mike Bennett is out and he knocks Sutter off the apron. Braxton and Bennett start trading punches outside the ring. They brawl up the rampway. Allie sees Braxton leaving and starts to panic. Laurel sneaks up behind Allie and attacks her. Van Ness then starts taunting a fallen Allie. Gets Allie back on her feet, Allie counters out of a tie up with Laurel and hits a reverse DDT on her. Covers Van Ness and pins her for the victory.

Allie defeats Laurel Van Ness by pinfall

Maria tries to sneak up on Allie after the match. Allie spots her and Maria runs away.... Another hype video airs for the TNA World Championship Match. The same that opened the show.

After the commercial break. Allie is in the parking lot with Braxton Sutter, celebrating her victory against Laurel. She is very excited. Braxton tells her that she can do anything that she wants to do. She says "really" and then attempts to kiss Braxton. Gives him a quick kiss. She gets all nervous, backs into a parked car and walks away.

- A pretty cool looking preview video airs for next week's Total Nonstop Deletion. It has preview clips of some of the action. Featured in it is Decay, The DCC among others. Several brawls on the compound property with explosions, Vanguard 1 firing at wrestlers, Maxel in the ring and even a train somehow gets involved.

Eddie Edwards vs. Ethan Carter III

Both men stare each other down and get dueling chants from the crowd to start things off. Carter and Edwards begin the match countering in and out of a standing switch. The pace picks up and Eddie Edwards hits a head scissors on EC3 and then follows that up with an arm drag takedown. Edwards hits a shining wizard on Carter, but only gets a 1 count. Edwards starts to beat down Carter with some chops in the corner. Carter battles back with a running knee. He then hits a variation of the 1 percenter, but Edwards rolls to the outside of the ring. Carter then suplexes Edwards back into the ring. Covers him and gets a 2 count. The show goes to break with Carter in control.

Back from the break... EC3 is still in control. He hits a suplex on Eddie and covers him for a 2 count. Carter than tries to wear down Edwards. Hits him with strikes and chops. Edwards fires back with chops and strikes of his own. Both men battle to the apron. Edwards makes his way to the top rope. Carter tries to hits a TK3 on Edwards off the top, but Edwards blocks it and hits a huracanrana on him. Eddie now goes after Ethan. Hits a succession of quick chops. Carter fires up and knocks Edwards down with a clothesline. EC3 then hits a flurry of moves on Edwards. A jawbreaker, then follows that with a splash in the corner. He then attempts to charge Edwards. Eddie sidesteps him and Carter falls to the outside of the ring. Edwards then flies through the ropes and hits the shot of caffeine dive on Carter. Not once but twice.

Both men are now back in the ring. Edwards hits a second rope codebreaker on Carter. Covers him for a near fall. Eddie tries to take to the air again, but Carter gets out of the way. EC3 rolls up Edwards and then lifts him up for a sit out power bomb. That leads to a close pinfall. Carter delivers another sit out power bomb for a yet another nearfall. EC3 is frustrated, Goes to hit a german suplex on Edwards, but Eddie lands on his feet. Edwards hits a sit out power bomb of his own on Carter. This leads to a close pinfall. Both men head to the top rope. Carter superplexes Edwards, but when they land, Eddie rolls up Ethan in a small package for a 2 count.

Both men are back on their feet. They exchange strikes and knock each other down. They get back and up and trade more strikes. Both men counter out of each other's finishers. Carter then hits the TK3 on Edwards, Eddie springs off that and hits the Boston Knee Party on EC3. Carter rolls to the outside of the ring, to avoid being pinned. Edwards leaps over the top rope onto Carter, but EC3 catches him in mid air and then hits the TK3 on the outside floor.

Carter rolls Edwards into the ring to try and finish him off. He goes for the 1 percenter but Eddie counters it into a half boston crab. Carter gets to the ropes to break up the hold. Carter climbs to the top, Edwards grabs him and hits the chin checker off the top rope. When they land, Carter has Edwards back and applies a rear naked chokehold on him. Carter rolls on the mat applying pressure to Edwards neck. When his back lays flat on the mat. Referee Brian Hebner counts to 3 and calls for the bell. At the same time, Edwards is tapping out.

Referee Brian Hebner confers with Jeremy Borash on the apron. Jeremy Borash announces that because Edwards tapped at the same time that Carter was pinned. Eddie Edwards retains his world championship because this is a no contest.

Eddie Edwards and Ethan Carter III battle to a no contest

- The fans boo the controversial finish. Edwards and Carter go face to face in the ring. They exchange some heated words and Carter walks off. Edwards hoists his title and celebrates still being champion.

A trailer airs for "Total Nonstop Deletion" next week. As the show comes to an end.

Matt Hardy posted this unedited footage from Impact where he mentions the "Day of New" and "Bucks of Youth" in his promo. Even calls on "The Bulldogs that are British"...