Triple H Talks Ronda Rousey In WWE After UFC Run, WWE Shop, Dolph Ziggler On WWE Title Shot

- As noted, Triple H this morning announced the formation of the WWE U.K. Championship at a press conference in London. At the press conference, The Game spoke to Sportsmail and was asked about UFC Superstar Ronda Rousey working with WWE again in the future.

"Never say never with us," Triple H said. "Ronda's done things with us in the past. She's a huge fan. She had a blast when she did it. I wouldn't be surprised at all if, as she begins to wrap up her UFC career, as she's looking to do other things, if we're a part of that conversation for her."

Triple H also discussed Conor McGregor possibly working for WWE, you can check out more highlights at this link.

- Through the end of the night, you can save 20% off championship titles and 30% off t-shirts at There is no promo code required, just use this link.

- As seen on SmackDown this past Tuesday night, Dolph Ziggler won a 4-way elimination match to earn a title shot at WWE Champion AJ Styles on the December 26th episode of SmackDown in Chicago. Ziggler commented on getting another title shot, writing on Twitter:


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