Triple H Talks UK Championship Possibly Leading To Weekly Show, If He's Interested In Will Ospreay

As noted, Triple H last week announced the United Kingdom Championship tournament at London's O2 Arena. ESPN caught up with The Game to discuss the tournament and what's next, below are some highlights:

The goal of the U.K. Championship tournament:

"That's the goal, is to become a weekly show. Hopefully we can make that work out, a weekly show that can feature the best of the U.K. talent and put that out there in a way that gives talent here a clear path into the WWE. Starting here and moving up the line and going through things. I think that's a huge opportunity and will help everybody down the line."

If they are interested in signing Will Ospreay:

"Will Ospreay is an amazing talent. There's a lot of amazing talent out there. When they're available, when it's the right time for them, I wanna work with all of them. It's funny to me people say things along the lines of this guy is an amazing talent but maybe he's not the right fit, or this guy doesn't have the experience. If they're great at this, then talent is talent. I wanna bring in the best talent, I wanna help them be better. I wanna take our process and help them be the best they can be.

"Some people go like, 'Oh, they try to fix things.' We don't try to fix things, we try to make them better. I learn something new every single day about the business, because it changes on a daily basis. Anybody [who] thinks they don't have anything to learn in this business is crazy."

Triple H also discussed WWE's relationship with the U.K., WWE signing more talent, working with U.K. independent promotions and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: ESPN UK


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