Update On Jimmy Snuka's Ailing Health, False Reports Of "Terminal Cancer"

As noted earlier, Jimmy Snuka's health has taken a turn for the worse and is reported to have six months to live. To update this report, Snuka's lawyer, Robert Kirwan, said "the former wrestler has suffered a number of infections, and was hospitalized on Monday after the most recent infection led to psychosis and hallucinations." Kirwan also stated that while Snuka's health had improved, he was not fit to travel to his court hearing, although he did listen in via video conferencing.

According to his wife, Carole Snuka, "her husband is in hospice care, and is receiving morphine and other drugs to make him 'medically comfortable.'" Doctors have stated if his health continues to worsen, he may die within the next six months. Carole has also stated that her husband "wants to get in the car to go wrestle" and will attempt to get out any door or window that's nearby.

On June 1st, a judge ruled Snuka was not fit to stand trial for third-degree murder and involuntary manslaughter for the 1983 death of Nancy Argentino (Snuka's then girlfriend), due to dementia and other factors.

It should be noted reports of Snuka having "terminal cancer" look to be false, according to Lehigh Valley Live Crime/Breaking News Reporter, Sarah Cassi. Cassi tweeted out that he was indeed terminal, but there was no mention of any kind of cancer.

On Friday, the judge said she would need to review records of Snuka's treatment over the last six months and will issue a decision to either hold another review hearing on Snuka's competency, continue to trial, or dismiss the charges.

Source: Lehigh Valley Live