Vader was recently scheduled to be on You're Welcome with Chael Sonnen, but ended up no showing the entire episode. From the very beginning of the show, Chael felt like Vader was going to "flake" on him and didn't expect things to go well. Sonnen decided to give Vader as much time as possible before going off on the former WCW Champion.

"This is the biggest podcast in MMA, and at the end of the day, that's just Vader," said Sonnen. "This is an opportunity for Vader and this is not going to end well, should he not call in."

Sonnen attempted to not only text Vader, but Sonnen called him live on the air, thinking it was possible Vader was expecting the show to call him. He left this on the wrestler's voicemail: "Hey dumb-dumb, it's Chael, down here waiting for ya, have a feeling we'll be waiting awhile."

After Vader was thirty minutes late, Sonnen explained that they made a deal for him to come on as a favor to someone else, because Vader was down on his luck. Recently, Vader had a vicious roll-over car accident that left him in tough shape. A week later, he announced that he had about two years to live, due to congestive heart failure.

Keeping it vague to his listeners, Sonnen said he had to do something first (at the last minute) for Vader, which he ended up doing.

"Man this guy is a carny, flake, he was writing me like he was drunk, illiterate, or dumb, or just getting ready to set me up, right from the jump." Chael was especially hot because Vader came to him with this deal, and then bounced when it was his turn. He then called Vader a "crook," "thief," and "scumbag."

"When you 'scumbag' a guy like me, a known gangster, when you pull a move like that one me. You're doing it to people all over town, right? This is just copy-and-paste and you see what comes back, then you move on with your day," Sonnen said. "I can't kick his a--, because he's a dinosaur."

Although, Vader has been active on his Twitter account since the show recorded, he has yet to say anything about missing the show.

Source: Podcast One