Vader On Being Told He Has Two Years Left To Live, Recent Car Accident, DDP, If He's Still Wrestling

As we previously mentioned, former WCW Champion "Big Van Vader" was recently interviewed with Hannibal TV, and discussed his lingering health issues as well as reports that he has two years to live. You can check out the highlights here:


His car accident earlier this year and how reports that he had two years to live came about:

"I had a rollover car accident. I was in my company car, was actually coming back from Costco and there was a series of turns. I caught a turn too late, an overturn coming back, and it actually rolled. I rolled the car twice, the whole top of the car was caved in where my head was. My head looked like it might — My eyes were black and blue, my nose was so swollen, my forehead was swollen, my head was probably close to twice the normal size. I probably should have died in that accident, it was probably just two or three weeks prior to that accident I was seeing a doctor.

"I was in the medical center and I was seeing my doctor, who is actually an MD, and heart specialists came into my room. They said 'We've been looking at your heart' and I said 'Who are you?' I didn't recognize the guy. He said 'You have two years to live. We've been looking at your heart, and that's the deal.' It wasn't much longer than that when he came back in the room — cause he left and obviously I had a bunch of questions and I'm in the process of answering those questions at this point. So for me to start talking would probably be premature at this point. I've been in the gym, I feel okay, I've been feeling pretty good actually. I don't know exactly what he's talking about or if something will show itself up in weeks to come, but right now I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's going on."


If he will still wrestle:

"Yeah I've got bookings now, and I'm in the gym preparing for those bookings. Autographs, wrestling matches, and maybe I can get a match with Kell (Chael Sonnen)."

What he'll be working on with Diamond Dallas Page:

"Diamond Dallas Page contacted me, if you're looking for a better guy you won't find it. Diamond Dallas Page he has a gift to give and a need to give it. He called me up and said 'I heard about your health problems and we want to help.' He offered so on January 2nd Ima be in Atlanta and start working with Diamond, and we're gonna get after it. The goal is to lose 100 pounds so, as I sit right now I'm probably about 375 or 380. I don't think I'm fat but I'm big. I've been in the gym lifting and doing a log of cardio, 45 minutes to an hour a day. Walking and then getting off the bike, doing a 20 minute walk, then going to workout."

If taking heart medication would help better his condition:

"I can't comment on that right now, but I do know this. I've had three different doctors in Boulder express the Gloom and Doom scenario. It's a top of the second if we're talking about baseball, and I'm behind. My son has reached out, he lives in Dallas and we're gonna go down to Dallas, and wee the doctors in Plano and my understanding is the Plano heart doctors are the renowned heart surgeons, heart specialists in the United States and perhaps the world. I've got appointments down there, then I'm off to see Dallas. So I'm not sitting on this, I'm proactive. Just refusing to die, I'm not going to die. And that's the mindset I have, and the mindset I will have forever more so."


If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Hannibal TV with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Hannibal TV