Who Was Santa Claus On Talking Smack?, Rich Swann Gets Custom Plates, Braun Strowman's RAW Victim

- In the video above, WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann watches as the custom side plates are installed on his title belt.

- The man who was thrown through the door on this past Monday's episode of RAW was independent wrestler Noah Lott. Lott has been wrestling since 2005 and was trained by Dan Severn. He is currently the Operations Supervisor for Dan Severn's Price of Glory Wrestling in Coldwater. He will be in action on January 21st at POG Moment of Truth in Coldwater, Michigan.

- As seen on Talking Smack last night, Santa Claus joined Daniel Bryan and Renee Young for the entire episode. While it was never revealed on the show, it was Rhyno who played Santa on the show. Rhyno tipped his hat at one point, mentioning cheese and crackers. You can check out Rhyno as St. Nick in the videos below.


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