WWE Live Event Results From MSG (12/26): John Cena Returns, James Ellsworth Gets A Win, Cage Match

Thanks to @dornnnn16 , Benjamin Lanning, @RealGbreezy , @NickyFics and Christian Argueta for the following WWE live event results from tonight's show at Madison Square Garden in New York City:

From Lanning:

* SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Wyatt Family retained over The Usos, American Alpha, The Ascension, Breezango and Heath Slater & Rhyno in a Tag Team Turmoil match. Slater and Rhyno started with The Ascension but Rhyno hit a Gore for the pin. The Usos were out next and they eliminated Slater & Rhyno after a few minutes. Tyler Breeze and Fandango were out next but quickly got eliminated. Orton and Wyatt came out next and had a good showing with The Usos, and they eliminated The Usos. Chad Gable and Jason Jordan were out last. The pin saw Orton hit a RKO on Gable. Long match that felt flat, zero reactions for American Alpha

* SmackDown Women's Champion Alexa Bliss retained over Becky Lynch

* Apollo Crews, Jack Swagger and Mojo Rawley defeated Curt Hawkins and The Vaudevillains. After the match, Hawkins issued an open challenge and out came James Ellsworth with a neck brace on

* James Ellsworth defeated Curt Hawkins in less than 20 seconds

* Dolph Ziggler defeated WWE Intercontinental Champion The Miz in a non-title steel cage match. This was supposed to be for the title but Miz cut a promo before the match and said his lawyers got him a contract that makes this a non-title match because NYC doesn't deserve to see him defend. Great match, Miz took a door shot to the face and a superkick for the pin

* Nikki Bella defeated Carmellla

* Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto with End of Days

* WWE Champion AJ Styles retained over Dean Ambrose and John Cena in the main event. Cena got the biggest pop of the night but it was mixed throughout the match. AJ got the pin on Ambrose after chair shots. After the match, AJ went to attack Cena with the title but Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds on AJ and left. Cena then ended the show by hitting an Attitude Adjustment on Styles

From @dornnnn16 :

* The Wyatt Family won a Tag Team Turmoil match defeating American Alpha, The Usos, Breezango, The Ascension and Heath Slater & Rhyno. Slater & Rhyno started by eliminating The Ascension. The Usos were out next and beat Slater and Rhyno. The Usos then squashed Breezango. The Wyatts were out next and beat The Usos. American Alpha were the last team in, and lost to the Wyatts after Orton hit Chad Gable with the RKO.

* SmackDown Women's Champion Becky Lynch defeated Alexa Bliss. Bliss retained after a roll up and used Becky's tights for leverage. After the match Becky attacked Alexa and held up the belt.

* Apollo Crews, Mojo Rawley & Jack Swagger defeated Curt Hawkins and The Vaudevillians after Crews hit Hawkins with a spinning power bomb.

* After the match Hawkins called out the MSG crowd and said him getting pinned was a fluke and called out anyone in the locker room to challenge him. James Ellsworth answered the challenge wearing a neck brace. Ellsworth hit no chin music as soon as the bell rang and pinned Hawkins.

* The Miz vs. Dolph Ziggler for the Intercontinental title in a steel cage was next. Miz cut a promo before the match and gave Ziggler "a participation award" and said his title wouldn't be defended tonight because New York and MSG wasn't worth it. Ziggler pinned Miz with a super kick after Maryse slammed the cage door in Miz's face by mistake.

* Nikki Bella defeated Natalya with the rack attack. Carmella came down to interfere but just distracted Natalya.

* Baron Corbin defeated Kalisto after hitting end of days. There was a fun spot in the match where Kalisto hit Corbin with a 619 and used a hurricarana after to nearly score the pinfall.

* In the main event, AJ Styles defeated John Cena and Dean Ambrose to retain the WWE Championship. Styles pinned Ambrose after using a steel chair to hit Cena, and then used the chair to low blow Ambrose.

All three men got great reactions. A lot of young kids were decked out in Cena gear too. There were the usual "Let's go Cena, Cena Sucks" chants, which were very loud. Styles had the same ones going for awhile too: "Let's go AJ, AJ Sucks!"

After the match Styles threatened to put Cena back out of action. Ambrose came in the ring to save Cena and hit Styles with Dirty Deeds. After Ambrose left the ring, Cena crawled over to Styles and they had a tug of war for the belt. Styles pulled it away and tried to leave the ring but Cena caught him and hit him with the AA.


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