The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. Darren Young (w/Bob Backlund) and Jinder Mahal make their entrances as Tom Philips and Byron Saxton check in on commentary.

Jinder Mahal vs. Darren Young (w/Bob Backlund)

Mahal locks in a headlock, Young rolls out of it. Young locks in an armlock, Mahal gets to the ropes. Young briefly locks in a headlock, Mahal elbows him in the face. Young hits a pair of arm drags on Mahal before locking in another armlock. Mahal gets to the ropes. Mahal kicks Young before attacking the back of his left knee. Mahal briefly locks in a knee submission. Mahal backs Young into the corner. Mahal hits a dragon screw on Young. Mahal stomps Young. Young sends Mahal out of the ring. Mahal gets back in the ring. Young hits a pair of overhead belly-to-belly suplexes on Mahal. Mahal rolls to the apron, Young follows. Young hits a backdrop on Mahal on the apron. Back in the ring, Mahal fights out of a Gut Check attempt by Young. Young dodges an attack attempt by Mahal before hitting the Gut Check. Young pins Mahal for the win.

Winner: Darren Young

A recap of the closing segment from RAW is shown featuring Charlotte Flair slapping Ric Flair and attacking RAW Women’s Champion Sasha Bank.

A recap of the tag-team match from RAW is shown featuring Cesaro & Sheamus battling Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson to a No Contest with RAW Tag-Team Champions The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) at ringside.

Sin Cara and Bo Dallas make their entrances.

Bo Dallas vs. Sin Cara

Sin Cara rolls up Dallas for a two count. Dallas elbows Sin Cara in the face. Sin Cara elbows Dallas, sending him out of the ring. Sin Cara connects with a suicide dive to the outside on Dallas. Sin Cara rolls Dallas back into the ring. Dallas spikes Sin Cara’s neck on the top rope. Dallas briefly locks in a headlock before hitting a scoop slam on Sin Cara. Sin Cara ducks a clothesline attempt by Dallas. Sin Cara scoop slams Dallas. Sin Cara goes for a springboard moonsault off the second rope, Dallas gets his knees up. Sin Cara sends Dallas out of the ring, with Dallas hitting his head on the second rope as we head into a commercial break.

Sin Cara kicks Dallas in the corner as we return from the commercial. Sin Cara chops Dallas twice. Dallas hits a spinning neck breaker on Sin Cara prior to pinning him for a two count. Dallas slams Sin Cara’s head on the top turnbuckle before striking him several times in the corner. Dallas hits a back drop on Sin Cara. Sin Cara drives Dallas into the corner before hitting an Insiguri. Sin Cara hits a springboard cross body on Dallas before connecting with a springboard elbow as well. Sin Cara hits a springboard moonsault on Dallas prior to pinning him for a two count. Sin Cara ascends the turnbuckles, Dallas punches him. Sin Cara hits a rolling Senton on Dallas from the top rope. Sin Cara pins Dallas for a two count. Sin Cara knees Dallas several times. Dallas rolls Sin Cara up for the three count.

Winner: Bo Dallas

A recap from RAW is shown to close the show featuring United States Champion Roman Reigns defeating Chris Jericho.

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