WWE NXT Results (12/28): From Osaka, Japan; Three Title Matches, Women's Tag Match, Lorcan Vs. Almas

Welcome to Wrestling Inc's coverage of tonight's WWE NXT. This evening's episode will feature the card from NXT's Live Event in Osaka, Japan. It should feature title matches for all three NXT Championships.

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- Tom Phillips and company welcome us to tonight's episode from Osaka. We'll see the NXT Championship match between Nakamura and Samoa Joe later on. We head straight to the ring for our opening contest.

Oney Lorcan vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas

Lorcan comes out to a nice reaction, as does Almas, donning his mask from his days in Japan and beyond. He quickly takes it off and we get started. Lorcan goes for the handshake and Almas kicks it away. Collar elbow tie up and broken up with a slap from Almas. Crowd appreciative of the tit for tat standoff. Almas decides to hang out for a bit after countering a whip from the brawler. Suplex from Almas to try and create space but Lorcan holds on to the headlock. Another athletic exchange as Almas gets the upper hand. He teases his double knees but stops short and slaps Lorcan instead. Headlock from Almas as the Japanese crowd urges Lorcan on. Chops from Lorcan, whip to shoulder tackle. Lorcan misses a block buster from the top, but then hits it from the mat. They trade waist locks, Almas hits a modified pump handle slam. Both men up and trade loud shots in the center of the ring. Inverted exploder from Lorcan. He tees Almas up in the corner, hits two big shots, and misses on the third. Almas hits the double knees, cover for a two. Hammerlock DDT countered, big elbow to stop a corner attack. They head to the top, and Lorcan hits a big exploder from the top. Cover, pin, and three for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Oney Lorcan

- We look at the rest of the card featuring an NXT Women's Title match and a women's tag match, which is up next.

Liv Morgan & Aliyah vs. Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

Liv and Kay start us off with a tie up. The taller Billie Kay takes advantage early, but we go rolling for at least 3 revolutions, with the official doing one counts the entire way. Nicely done. Kip-up from both as tags are made. Aliyah springboards and hits a pair of arm drags followed by an "old school"-esque arm drag from the middle rope. Royce using the height advantage using some legs to reverse some offense. Tag made to Billie Kay, Aliyah bridges up, smacked back down, and the tandem offense continues from the Aussies. Aliyah goes for the tag, but denied and tripped up. Another tag, double suplex. Quick tags and cutting the ring in half as all good tag teams do. Royce in control using her long legs as submission weapons. Billie Kay with a suplex followed by a headbutt to Aliyah and a shot to Liv for good measure. Cover on Aliyah, but smartly gets to the rope to break the count. Aliyah reverses another double suplex and makes the tag. Morgan in and executes the the hot tag nicely with a cross body and drop kicks. Blind tag made to Royce outside of Morgan's vision. She leads a bulldog into Kay's knee for the win.

Winners via Pinfall: Billie Kay & Peyton Royce

- Directly into the next match, which is for the NXT Tag Team Championship.

#DIY (C) vs. Tajiri & Akira Tozawa (NXT Tag Team Championship Match)

Nice reception for all the competitors. Handshakes from all four in a show of respect as the bell rings. Crowd warms up for this one as Tozawa and Gargano kick off the match. Early standoff gets the typical Japanese golf clap. Tozawa going into the trademark yells as he and Johnny Wrestling go back and forth. Tags made to Tajiri and Ciampa. The green mist makes an appearance to play a few mind games. Arm submission reversed by the Japanese Buzzsaw and they regroup. Tajiri continues to work the arm, Ciampa slips out, more reversals and another standoff. Tag made to Tozawa as he slows the pace a bit. Tag made to Gargano, pushes Tozawa to the corner, and quick tag back to Ciampa. Double team offense and cover for a two. Ciampa getting to the arm of Akira, who makes the ropes, and clean break is made. Ciampa back on the prowl. Tajiri able to make the tag and aid his comrade. Multiple covers on Ciampa for a two. We head to break.

Back from break and a shoot fight has nearly broken out with strong style strikes rain down from Ciampa and Tozawa. The Japanese star with the fake out and big right. Ciampa able to reverse a shot and make the tag. Gargano stretches out Tozawa with a combo of straight lefts. Gargano heads up top but met with a gutbuster from Tozawa. Tag made to Ciampa, and eventually Tajiri back in with his trademark kicks. Handspring back elbow from the veteran and another back handspring taking both men down. Tozawa takes to the air twice, taking out everyone in his way. Back in the ring, forearm from Tozawa, suplex blocked, but executes on try number two. Tozawa looking for the dead lift German, doesn't get all the way through. Blind tag made to Gargano, and hits his spear through the ropes on Tozawa. Tajiri back in. Ducks a corner attack and turns it into a tarantula. Tag made to Tozawa and huge strikes from both men. Ciampa tags in and saves Gargano from the German and hits a pair of his own. There's trademark dead lift German from Tozawa on Ciampa, but Gargano breaks it up. Action fast and furious now. Crowd showing their appreciation. Tozawa caught in the middle, DIY hits their double team finish, and pick up the win and retention.

Winner via Pinfall: #DIY

- We see highlights of the match and the four competitors have a show of respect before we preview the rest of tonight's episode. Women's Championship match up next.

Asuka (C) vs. Nia Jax (NXT Women's Championship Match)

Nice homecoming pop for the Women's Champ as she confidently makes her entrance. Asuka uses her speed advantage to land a few kicks before Jax slings the champ around like a rag doll. Asuka immediately looking for submissions and able to lock in the octopus. Jax breaks free, goes for a guillotine, and Jax powers out. Big slam from Jax. Asuka pinned against the ropes and choked by the boot of Jax as we head to break.

Back from break and Jax still in control. Official constantly checking on the champ. Nonchalant cover for a two. Asuka bridges out of a submission, but lands right into a slam from Jax. Asuka waking up with some stiff shots, but lands into a cover. Sidewalk slam from Jax, and another kickout. Strong style back fists and shots from Asuka, but a big left from Jax is the equalizer. Elbow drop from Jax and a two count. Modified clutch submission reversed by the champ, back in, and reversed again. Knee bar from Asuka, followed by kicks and chops as Jax fights out. Jax slings Asuka off the ropes. Asuka able to drape Jax over the ropes and deliver a big knee. Hip attack from Asuka sends the draped Jax to the outside. Jax takes her time in the ring waiting on the champ and realizes she needs to get her back in to win the belt. She heads out, slams Asuka into the apron, and back in she goes. Oddly booked for sure. Asuka with stiff strikes off her arrival back in at an eight count. Hip attack from the champ. She cinches in a triangle, Jax goes for a power bomb, misses, Asuka looking for her trademark lock, no dice. Jax finally able to get her up for a power slam and Asuka kicks out at two. Spinning back fist again from Asuka and hits a German with ease. Jax yells for more, and Asuka obliges with a kick. She makes the pin for the three and retains.

Winner via Pinfall: Asuka

- Asuka celebrates her victory with her hometown crowd as we get highlights from the match. She bows to them in appreciation as we preview the Joe/Nakamura match. We'll see action from Australia next week including #DIY vs. TM61, a women's triple threat, and a tag match featuring Tye Dillinger and more.

Samoa Joe vs. Shinsuke Nakamura (NXT Championship Match)

Great reaction for both competitors as the Japanese crowd continues Nakamura's theme after the music cuts. During the introductions, the crowd rains down the traditional streamers. Ring crew clears the canvas and we're under way. Fantastic ambiance for this match.

They feel each other out early with some tie-ups and strikes. Nakamura lures Joe in for a pair of knees which sets up Good Vibrations in the corner not once but twice. The champ rolls out of harm's way to recollect his thoughts. Referee tries to break up a hold on the ropes, but Joe appears to rake the eyes while the official wasn't looking. We head to break.

Back from a short commercial and Joe has an STF locked in on the hometown star, pulling on the shoulder and back of Nakamura. Nakamura blocks a slam, and this one turns into an old fashioned fight. Nakamura nearly locks in the triangle, but Joe able to make the ropes to break. Reverse exploder blocked by Joe, but Nakamura turns it into a German suplex. Nakamura lines up for the Kinshasa but Joe catches him for a beautifully crisp power slam. Joe back in control, places Nakamura on the rope, and goes for the Muscle Buster. Nakamura blocks and immediately tries for another Kinshasa which Joe is able to duck. Coquina Clutch locked in and is transitioned into a series of suplexes. Joe covers for a two, Nakamura kicks out to the appreciation of the crowd.

Joe goes for another Muscle Buster, kick from Nakamura, but Joe flips up for an enziguri that sends Nakamura to the floor. Joe looking to end things with the steel steps, but not this time. Nakamura then hits repeated elbows and they both head back to the ring. They trade shots in the middle of the ring, finally ending with a Nakamura kick followed by another. Nakamura gets Joe up, but the larger man just too much for the tired legs of Nakamura. Shinsuke up top with a knee strike. He sets back up for the Kinshasa and hits it! One, two, THREE! Nakamura is your NEWWW NXT Champion, crowned for the second time.

Winner via Pinfall & NEW NXT Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

- After the match, Nakamura celebrates with his home crowd and finishes with a signature "Yeaoh" before he exits.


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