WWE RAW Talk Live Coverage: Charlotte Flair, Sheamus & Cesaro, Sami Zayn As Guests

Welcome to WrestlingINC's coverage of RAW Talk following WWE Roadblock: End of the Line. Announced guests include new RAW Tag Team Champions Sheamus & Cesaro, new RAW Women's Champ Charlotte Flair, the surviving Sami Zayn, and more.

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- Charly Caruso and Booker T welcome us to RAW Talk and talk about the event in general.

- Sheamus and Cesaro join the panel. Cesaro said it's been a good 2016 from a torn rotator cuff to being tag champs. They bicker a bit as Booker tries to rile them up. Cesaro cuts a fun promo. Sheamus says they have been motivated by gold from the very beginning and cites the bar brawl as the turning point. Cesaro says Sheamus saved his year and possibly his career. Cesaro puts over the best of seven series and all the achievements he and Sheamus have had this year. Sheamus says he was tired of not being on the video packages for Wrestlemania and otherwise. The new champs take off to celebrate.

- Charly and Booker talk about Neville's appearance after the Cruiserweight Title match. Booker puts over Neville's new mentality and calls his talent extraordinary.

- Sami Zayn joins the show. He says he's beat up physically, and has mixed feelings emotionally. Booker asks him what he thinks he really accomplished. Zayn says honestly not much since it wasn't a clean win. Booker goes for the jugular and said Strowman says he had sympathy on Zayn. Sami says this wasn't the first time he's been in dire straights, but it won't be the last, and he doesn't quit. He feels that if he was given one or two more minutes, he feels confident he would have pinned Strowman. Zayn says he is just as good as any person on the RAW roster. Booker recalls a story of the first time seeing Zayn on the indies and puts him over, and to pick his battles smartly. Zayn puts Strowman over as a monster. Booker says he has much respect for Zayn for going through the battle. Zayn says he feels bittersweet because this isn't the victory he wanted. He says the Strowman saga is far from done.

- Caruso and Booker discuss the Rollins/Jericho bout. Booker gets his matches confused a bit, but gets back on the rails saying Rollins could be a new number one contender. The lights go out on the set and they continue to talk until the backup lights come back on.

- Charlotte Flair joins the team. Charlotte reflects on the last four years in the company. Booker asks how Charlotte "turns it on" when the time is right and how she's so good. She said she's the best female athlete that WWE has seen past, present, or future. Caruso asks her about the rivalry with Sasha. She gets emotional and says Sasha makes her want to be better and has continually motivated her to be better. Booker brings up Bayley, who was on the pre-show. Charlotte says this isn't NXT, this is the big leagues. She says she's rolled through the whole division and she's "the one" in the four horse-women. She says she doesn't care what her father's reaction was because of what he did at RAW in Charlotte. She says he's nothing but a loser since he lost the title 15 times. Charlotte talks about her PPV streak and calls herself the Undertaker of PPV's. Booker T slows Charlotte of her decimation of Ric Flair. Booker T says she should repair her relationship with her father. She thanks and welcomes them for having her on the show as she leaves the set and we head off the air.


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