WWE Roadblock: Chris Jericho Vs. Seth Rollins

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Seth Rollins vs. Chris Jericho

Crowd split with dueling "let's go Rollins" and "Y2J" chants. They locks up and feel each other out as Jericho heels up the crowd. Nice chain wrestling as Rollins reverses and heads clasps in an arm submission. Whip to the ropes and a kick to the face of Jericho. Y2J sent to the corner but able to get the boot up and send Rollins down. He follows it up with a missile drop kick and side suplex. Rollins tries to make a comeback with strikes but is quickly halted. Jericho talks trash to Rollins in the corner and lays in a few kicks for good measure. Rollins able to counter. Action heads outside as Jericho looks to prep the announce table, but is met with a flying knee from Rollins coming off the apron. Back in and Jericho rakes the eyes as official gets caught in the middle. The veteran gets caught for a flip into the corner post. Official tries to break them up on each side the rope. Jericho hits springboard drop kick as Rollins pleads his case.

Rollins tries to pick up the pace, but Jericho having none of it as he stops it with a standing drop kick. He pins Rollins against the second rope cutting off the air supply of the former Shield member. Y2J making light of Rollins with playful slaps, but that only fires Rollins up as he delivers some Japanese-style strikes of his own. Enziguri from Rollins and both men are down. Jericho goes for a bulldog, but Rollins sends him all the way to the corner crotch first. Rollins heats up now with a sling blade off the whip sequence. Forearms to the corner. Rollins on the second rope and hits a block buster for a two count.

Pedigree countered, Walls of Jericho countered, Lionsault countered. Suicide dive from Rollins to the outside as Tye Dillinger is over with the "TEN" chants on the count out. Back in the ring and Y2J sits down on the Walls. Rollins makes it to the ropes. Jericho goes for another springboard drop kick to the outside, but met with a kick from Rollins. Frog splash missed by Rollins and Jericho goes straight into a Lionsault for a two. Crowd shows their appreciation for the competitors so far. Falcon Arrow by Rollins, cover for a long two. Official checking on them as we head toward the finish line. Boo/yay spot leads to a Pedigree attempt, blocked, but re-blocked into a power bomb. Jericho rolls through and cinches in the Walls once again. Rollins rolls under into a small package for a near fall. Two kicks to a flying Jericho. Rollins hits the frog splash this time as Kevin Owens comes to the aid of his friend. Jericho has Rollins pinned but KO has official occupied and costs his best friend the match. Y2J sends Owens to the showers, knee to the nose of Jericho, blocks a Code Breaker, and hits the Pedigree for the win.

Winner via Pinfall: Seth Rollins


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