WWE Roadblock: Kevin Owens Vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship Match)

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Kevin Owens (C) vs. Roman Reigns (WWE Universal Championship Match)

Current United States Champion Roman Reigns makes his entrance to a flock of boo birds. Split reaction for the Universal Champ. Owens out for multiple regroups to get started, attempting to frustrate Reigns. The US Champ is having none of it and heads out to deliver a big slap to the Universal Champ. Action back inside and Owens locks in his patented side head lock. Reigns powers out with a slam and covers Owens for a one. Action spills back outside and the announce table gets introduced into the equation. Reigns no-sells a stomp to the fingers. Reigns whipped to the corner but recovers with a rebound clothesline. Back outside again as Owens lures Reigns into the steel steps.

Side head lock in again, and Owens expands his repertoire. Reigns with a neck breaker to get out of a bad situation and creates some space. Owens locks it in once again and gets a chin lock over while talking trash. Reigns gets out and dodges a running senton while catching his breath. They trade big right hands and clotheslines. Roman digs into the reserve with several forearms in the corner. Owens with forearms of his own as they've been booked evenly so far. Owens hits a German Suplex after blocking a Samoan Drop. Cannonball gets stopped by a kick and eventual Samoan Drop. Reigns selling his behind off or is legitimately out of breath as he heads to the corner to set up a Superman Punch. He swings and misses and gets caught by a DDT by Owens for a two.

Owens mocks Reigns' "Hooah" and delivers a cannon ball. Reigns no-sells it and meets Owens with a Superman Punch. Reigns sets Owens on the top rope and joins him. Superplex gets blocked as Owen lands pointed elbows. Superman Punch from Reigns to knock the champ loopy still sitting up top. Owens counters a Superplex with a driver for a long two count. Cole makes note of the evenly matched contest. Owens heads up top for a swanton but Reigns gets the knees up. Owens rolls out of the ring to avoid a spear but gets hit with a drive-by. Owens rolls out of the ring again and Reigns misses the second drive-by and Owens hits a super kick. Owens puts Reigns on the announce table, hits a frog splash from the barricade to the table, and the table no-sells. Owens says no sir and hits a second one and the table gives. Reigns barely beats the count. Owens with another frog splash and Reigns kicks out.

Pop-up power bomb blocked. Reigns able to lift Owens up and hits a sit-out power bomb. Both men down. Reigns up first, spear blocked with a knee. Pop-up power bomb. Cover and Reigns gets the leg on the bottom rope. Only the kitchen sink is left. Owens grabs the title and brings it into the ring with him. Official tries to take away the title and Reigns hits a spear, but unable to cover. Jericho comes down the ramp and surveys the situation. The friendship is over as Jericho hits a Code Breaker on Owens. However, because of the interference, Reigns is disqualified and Owens retains the championship.

Winner via Disqualification: Kevin Owens

- After the match, Jericho looks at the Universal Title, but hands it over to Owens and raises his hand. Seth Rollins' music hits and comes to the aid of Reigns. Reigns able to hit a spear on Owens as Jericho retreats. Rollins and Reigns able to grab him and hit the Shield power bomb on Y2J. Rollins and Reigns snag Owens before he heads to the back and power bomb him all the way to the announce table at the ramp. WWE Roadblock ends as Rollins and Reigns stand tall.


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