WWE Roadblock: New Day Vs. Sheamus & Cesaro (RAW Tag Team Championship Match)

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- We're LIVE and the announce team welcomes us to the show as New Day is introduced. Big E makes a comparison between Roadblock and well...another type of block. Kofi with some some nice tag team puns as Woods sings a rousing rendition of "Swing Low Swiss Chariot." The challengers make their entrance as we're introduced to some of the announce teams, and here we go.

New Day vs. Sheamus & Cesaro (RAW Tag Team Championship Match)

Kofi and Big E are the pair for the champs tonight. Cesaro directly with a running drop kick and cover. Cesaro and Kofi trade monkey flips and land on their feet. Sheamus hits a clothesline from the outside as the referee was distracted. Sheamus makes the tag and hits a rolling senton as he makes the tag to Cesaro. Quick tags from the challengers as Sheamus hits a battering ram on his way in. Crowd getting behind Kingston as Sheamus slows the pace with a rear chin lock. Huge pop-up uppercut from Cesaro. Swiss Superman goes for a corner attack, but Kofi slips out of the way. Big E still down as Kingston unable to make a tag. Sheamus sent outside, but pops up and sets up for the ten beats. Kofi counters, tags Big E, and he hits his "YOLO Dive" to the outside. Back in the ring, he hits a big splash for a two count. Big E tries to suplex Sheamus back into the ring, but the Irishman counters. Sheamus goes for the Brogue Kick but Big E counters with a power bomb. Tag is made to Cesaro and a combo version of White Noise. Neutralizer countered, but Cesaro re-counters with a springboard uppercut. Sheamus tries to prevent Kofi from interfering, but hits Cesaro instead, sets up a kick from the outside from Woods. Big Ending from Big E but Cesaro kicks out. Action spills outside as Sheamus takes out Big E with the Brogue as Cesaro sends Kingston swinging and into the Sharpshooter. Kofi taps out but referee doesn't see it as Woods rings the trombone. Cesaro with a unique transition to the Neutralizer but Big E breaks up the pin. Tag made to Sheamus, Woods gets in the way of a Brogue. SOS from Kingston to Sheamus, but he kicks out. Blind tag made from Cesaro to Sheamus as Kingston hits Trouble In Paradise on Cesaro. Sheamus, the true legal man, rolls up Kofi for the three and the win. New Day's reign comes to an end.

Winners & NEW RAW Tag Team Champions: Sheamus & Cesaro

- After the match, Cesaro gives the former champs a hug in a sign of sportsmanship. Sheamus rips the titles away and celebrates with both titles. Cesaro goes to the Cesaro Section to celebrate with the fans. We're back at square one.


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