WWE Roadblock: Rusev Vs. Big Cass

The following is from our live coverage of WWE Roadblock. To access our full coverage, click here.

Lana makes her entrance and introduces her husband, Rusev. Huge pop for Enzo and Cass as they make their entrance. Enzo now has a case for his leopard print microphone. They do their routine and brand new "Enzo Hair" merch piece. Enzo rips on Rusev's decision making and goes with some puns and comparisons. Enzo and Cass reveal a little holiday spirit. Enzo the red nosed reindeer and Santa Clause go through the reindeer with the "how you doin'" treatment.

Big Cass vs. Rusev (Kickoff Show Match)

They lock up and Cass gets the upper hand early as we go directly do a commercial break. Cass still with the advantage as Rusev tries to retreat. Cole lets us know this is Cass' first PPV singles match. Cass catches a Rusev kick, hits a slam, and lands the Empire Elbow. Big splash to the corner and Rusev regroups once again. Cass goes for the big boot, but Rusev steers clear. Rusev, apparently scared of the big man, takes off into the crowd. Rusev hits a cheap shot and heads back in. Lana shoves Enzo and then fakes an injury, leading to Rusev with a drive-by. Rusev climbs back in the ring. Big Cass is a bit too late and gets counted out.

Winner via Count Out: Rusev


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