WWE Roadblock: Sami Zayn Vs. Braun Strowman (Ten Minute Challenge)

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Sami Zayn vs. Braun Strowman (Ten Minute Challenge)

Bell rings and clock begins to wind down. Zayn able to get in some minor offense, but doesn't really affect the big man. Strowman tosses Zayn across the length of the ring then shows off his speed. Action spills outside as Strowman lands some clubbing blows. We're at 8:00. Zayn kicked into the ropes and held there. Strowman goes for an attack at the ropes, but Zayn ducks and lowers the ropes to send Braun outside. Zayn goes for a dive but is caught and sent back inside. Clothesline from Strowman, goes for the cover, but voluntarily pulls him up. At 6:00.

Official checks on Zayn and he wants to keep going. Strowman continues to toy with Zayn as he pull him up from a two count. Sami puts his dukes up but continues to get dropped. Zayn turned inside out with a clothesline but gets back up. Zayn continues to shake his head no as we approach 4:00. Mick Foley comes out with a white towel and wants Sami to throw it in and surrender. Strowman sends Zayn to the outside and berates the GM as a big "delete" chant comes out of the crowd. Sami crawls up and begs Foley to not throw in the towel. "Let them fight" chants erupt as we get to 2:00. Strowman attacks Zayn from behind and tells Foley the blood of Zayn is on his hands. Sami sends Strowman headfirst into the ring post. Strowman goes for a spear on the outside, but crashes and burns into the time keeper's area. Sami back in early and Strowman barely beats the count. 30 seconds left. Sami to the top and lands a cross body. Cover for a two and is sent outside. He comes back in, hits a Helluva Kick, and goes for another as time expires. Zayn lasted the entire ten minutes.

Winner via Time Limit Rule: Sami Zayn


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