WWE Roadblock: Sasha Banks Vs. Charlotte Flair (RAW Women's Championship 30-Minute Iron Man Match)

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Sasha Banks (C) vs. Charlotte Flair (30-Minute Iron Man Match For RAW Women's Championship)

Cole says this is sixth meeting for the title between these two, and championship has changed hands all five previous encounters. They lock up and stay that way as they counter the others' offense and make a break. Arm submission by Charlotte, reversed by Sasha, but drop toe hold by Charlotte to regain advantage. More submission trading until Charlotte finally grounds the champ. Sasha lets out a WOO as Charlotte bounces off the ropes and hits a shoulder tackle. A couple of quick pins to no avail. Corner attacks lead to Sasha transitioning into the Banks Statement but Charlotte able to slip to the outside. Backslide cover by Sasha for a two, but holds on. Sasha tells Charlotte her daddy loves her more, which Charlotte takes obvious exception to. Who's the face here? Choke hold from Sasha, looks a bit tight, but legal. Charlotte uses her power to drop Sasha and break the hold.

Down to 22:00 as the action heads outside. Charlotte tries to pop Sasha to the ring post, but she catches herself and delivers a kick to the challenger. She follows it up with double knees to the outside. back in the ring now and Sasha applies a straight jacket and they cut to an astonished fan for added enthusiasm. Charlotte able to sling Sasha off the hold and hits her comeback but is quickly stopped by the champ. Charlotte heads outside and Sasha meets her with a cross body through the top and middle rope. Cover for a two and we're still knotted at zero. Sasha headed to the top but Charlotte sweeps the leg and the champ is down. Charlotte goes back out to get Sasha for some reason rather than taking the count out fall. Sasha gets back in, Charlotte covers, two count. The official checks on Sasha until Charlotte breaks it up and puts a boot to the neck of Sasha on the bottom rope. Charlotte wrenching the neck of Banks but the champ fights back. Short lived comeback as Charlotte slams her to the mat. Sasha avoids a knee and corner attack and hits a cross body from the second rope. Back/Neck breaker combo from Charlotte with a kip up and drops a knee. Another near fall. Head scissors from Charlotte and slams Sasha's head to the mat as we hit the halfway point.

Charlotte displaying her power now, but Sasha shows some fighting spirit and lands a bevy of strikes and double knees in the corner. She goes up top, misses a cross body. Charlotte hits Natural Selection but only a two! Banks goes for the back breaker but caught and sent into the corner followed by a snapmare. Charlotte up top, Banks joins her. 11:00 left. Natural Selection from the top rope for the three count and first fall.

First Fall: Charlotte Flair (Charlotte leads 1-0)

Around the 10:00 mark now, Charlotte goes directly for multiple covers to seal a second fall, but Banks kicks out. Crowd rallies behind Sasha. Sloppy encounter ends with a roll-up and Sasha gets the cover. We're tied!

Second Fall: Sasha Banks (Tied 1-1)

At the 8:00 mark, Charlotte goes into frustration and goes right after the champ. Cover for a two. Charlotte drags Sasha to the corner and drops a few boots to set up her moonsault. Charlotte comes up empty and Sasha locks in the Banks Statement. Charlotte can't make it to the ropes and Sasha rolls her back into the middle. Charlotte taps!

Third Fall: Sasha Banks (Banks leads 2-1)

Around 5:00 remaining and both have a burst of energy. Charlotte destroys the knee of Sasha in the corner. New bullseye to set up for the Figure Eight. Sasha blocks it. Charlotte slithers outside and continues to work over the knee with 3:30 left. Painful leg submission locked in, Sasha counters and covers for a two. Sasha back in a leg submission, reaches for the ropes, but Charlotte slaps her back to reality. Figure four locked in by Nature Girl. Banks rolls it over to reverse the pressure, but it's turned right back around. Down to 1:00 remaining. 20 seconds. 10 seconds. Sasha TAPS and we're tied.

Fourth Fall: Charlotte Flair (Tied 2-2)

We head to SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME! Charlotte attacks Sasha as the official checks on her. She goes right back for the leg, Sasha rolls her up, two count! Fall away slam from Charlotte and Sasha looks near lifeless. Another roll-up from Sasha for two. Banks chops the tree. Hits the Banks Statement, she's busted open, and it's finally locked in. Charlotte grinding on the bad leg. Charlotte reverses into the Figure Four. Charlotte bridges into the Figure Eight and drags Sasha back to the middle. Banks has to tap and Charlotte wins.

Fifth Fall: Charlotte Flair

Overall Winner 3-2 & NEW RAW Women's Champion: Charlotte Flair


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