WWE Talking Smack Live Recap: James Ellsworth On Attacking Dean Ambrose, Miz And Daniel Bryan Bicker

Thanks for joining WrestlingInc's coverage of WWE Talking Smack with all the fallout from WWE TLC. The Miz, new SmackDown Live Women's Champion Alexa Bliss, and more are scheduled guests.

- The show kicks off with the initial shock of the main event. Daniel Bryan and Renee Young are speechless about the Ellsworth turn. Bryan attempting to channel his inner zen to regain control of the show. Bryan says the whole roster stepped up and puts over each of the matches.

- New SmackDown Live Women's Champion Alexa Bliss joins the crew. An emotional Bliss is a bit out of character, but Talking Smack is the place to do that. She says her parents were in the crowd, and this is their first WWE Live event, after a few NXT live events. Bliss thanks her mom for her continued support and says "we did it." Bliss says she's sore and has her arm wrapped to sell the DisarmHer under the table leg. Bliss now firmly back in character and says Lynch gets no credit for the match and needs to try harder to regain it. She says she will be a better champion than Becky Lynch because she was made to be a champion, and that when WWE thought of the "new era," they thought of Alexa Bliss.

- Bryan has confidence in Alexa Bliss as champion and was glad to see the emotion from her win.

- Baron Corbin joins the show. He says Bryan must be mad that he is beating up on all the little guys. Bryan says Kalisto got some shots in on Corbin as well, but Corbin dismisses as him taking his time picking him apart. Bryan asks the camera man to zoom in on Corbin's eye, which is sporting a minor shiner. Corbin goes into a Dean Malenko comparison with fans cheering for Kalisto. Corbin says he should now be in the main picture. Bryan says everybody deserves an opportunity, but Corbin laughs it off as everyone getting a participation trophy. Bryan finally says Corbin put in a great performance and is in consideration to be put in main event picture. Corbin says he'll do whatever he has to, to get into the main event. Corbin drops the mic as he heads out to celebrate his victory.

- Bryan says Corbin's demands bother him, but will consider moving him up the card.

- Renee and Bryan go into talking about the new tag team champs, but James Ellsworth skips in with a pitch of joy rarely seen. He is quite proud of his actions. He's asked about the repercussions with Dean Ambrose, but he says they go way back. Ellsworth says once he wins the title, he will give Ambrose the first shot. Ellsworth says he spoke with Shane McMahon, and he gets his title shot this Tuesday on SmackDown Live. Bryan runs down Ellsworth for interfering in the title match, and boasts that they haven't had any outside interference in their main events. Bryan says he will give up his hosting gig on Talking Smack if Ellsworth wins on Tuesday.

- A look back at Ellsworth's dastardly actions during the main event. Ellsworth says he didn't care to see that footage, but says he's focused on winning the WWE World Championship. He rips off his neck brace and leaves the table.

- Bryan says he needs a pow-wow with his Commissioner Shane McMahon to talk about the Ellsworth situation.

- Miz and Maryse come in looking dapper and acknowledge that Bryan says some of these situations are his fault. Miz says that Bryan is a bad GM and that others in the locker room feel the same way. Bryan says he's doing his best, and says Miz wouldn't be as hot as he is now without coming on Talking Smack degrading him. Bryan says Miz is at least more than a lazy hack now. Miz defends himself with doing media every day. Bryan admits Miz has done more with the IC Title than he ever had the chance to and that he is a better talker than he is a wrestler. Miz says he's fantastic in the ring and does Bryan's moves better than he ever did them. Miz says Bryan doesn't know what he's doing in a GM role. Bryan agrees to an extent but says Miz had someone interfere on his behalf in his title matches. They continue to argue as we go off the air.


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