WWE Talking Smack Recap (12/13): Guests AJ Styles, Alexa Bliss And The Usos

"Talking Smack" On The WWE Network

- Renee Young and Daniel Bryan open this week's show. Bryan talks about how much he loves the show's intro. He loves the tradition of Smackdown and the usage of big fists. Says that Smackdown is really into "fisting".... Bryan backtracks quickly and compares it to pounding fists.... Renee talks about visiting the WWE's warehouse in Norfolk. How she saw the big Smackdown fist there.

- The first topic on the show is Dolph Ziggler's big victory on Smackdown Live. How he became #1 contender. Renee called it weird how The Miz helped Ziggler win the match. Bryan says that he is interested to see if Ziggler can capitalize on his WWE championship opportunity against AJ Styles on December 27th. When the conversation shifts to James Ellsworth missing the show due to illness. AJ Styles interrupts and joins the show.

- AJ Styles overhears the Ellsworth discussion, and then proceeds to mock Ellsworth's "Chinfluenza". Daniel says that it is not nice that everyone makes fun of Ellsworth's chin. Styles says that Bryan called him fat earlier. Daniel says that AJ had grease on his bicep. It made his arm appear flabby..... AJ also takes issue with Bryan's protection line on Smackdown. How he instructed AJ to go to a pharmacy to get protection.... Bryan asks AJ, What he thinks, he was referring to by saying "protection". AJ pauses and then says that it's something that people use to prevent having babies, but that sometimes it doesn't work. Bryan comically says that his suggestion to AJ, was for protection from Ellsworth's cold.

- The conversation shifts to Dolph Ziggler becoming the #1 contender and the Fatal Fourway match. AJ Styles puts over the match. How he is a big fan and how he enjoyed and respected all 4 men in tonight's main event. Renee asks about Ellsworth's upcoming title opportunity. Bryan says that his title shot has now been put on hold. They then discuss the victories, Ellsworth has over Styles. AJ says that Bryan knows why James won those matches. Daniel defends Ellsworth and calls him cute. AJ thinks Bryan is calling Ambrose cute. Bryan says that Renee is the one who calls Dean cute. Renee laughs and denies that she says that.

- Renee switches the subject quickly. Asks AJ how he feels about Ambrose not being in the title picture. AJ says that he is happy that Dean is out of the mix. That he has already beaten him several times. Goes on to say that he has also beaten Ziggler. Bryan asks Styles about Luke Harper. Styles says that he doesn't know much about him. Styles puts over Harper's skill set. Bryan and Renee both do the same thing. Styles says that Harper is not smart enough to be a #1 contender, and that it was proven on Smackdown. They go back to talking about Ziggler and Styles on 12/27. AJ is very confident about beating him. Bryan asks AJ to give a Connor McGregor type prediction on how long it will take for Styles to beat him. Styles says that this isn't a boxing match. AJ says that he has Ziggler well scouted and knows his style. Renee asks AJ about his ankle. AJ says that he is fine. Bryan asks him to do jumping jacks. AJ refuses. Renee asks AJ if he has medical clearance. AJ refuses to answer the question. Daniel then gives AJ the hook to leave the show. Calls him a phenomenal guest.

- When Styles leaves the set, Daniel and Renee dog AJ for not being as entertaining as they are. The next topic is the current Nikki Bella saga. Bryan feels that Carmella is being more truthful than Natalya. Renee is surprised that Bryan is saying this. Bryan then brings up JBL's theory that a woman from Raw may have attacked Nikki at the Survivor Series. Bryan sees this as a plausible theory. Bryan thinks that Natty is scared to reveal that she attacked Nikki. That if she did, She isn't copping to it because she is scared of the repercussions. Renee asks Bryan to elaborate, and he says Natty would be scared of Nikki beating her up.

- The Usos join the show. Jimmy & Jey are asked why they haven't been on the show. Jey puts his foot on the table, and reveals that he has an ankle injury. Jimmy then talks about how they are a team, and then starts jokingly comparing teams of the past to him and his brother. Teams that have had one member of the team be stronger than the other. Mentions Shawn and Marty, Brett and Anvil and then Michael and Tito. Jey gets upset with his brother's teasing and calls Jimmy Janet Jackson. Jimmy is cool with that. The Usos reveal that the Hype Bros aren't so hype because Zack Ryder is injured. That they shouldn't be the #1 contenders. That the Usos should be. They talk about their history with the Wyatt family. How they can beat them, and how the Hype Bros can't. They then list off every team on Smackdown Live and call them jokes. Bryan thinks that the Usos should earn a tag team championship match. The Usos then run down all the teams on Smackdown again. The Usos then tell Bryan to make it happen. They start banging on the table and get Bryan to join in on their make it happen chant. Bryan and Renee get mocked for dancing poorly to the Uso's beat.

- When the Uso's leave the set. Renee asks Daniel about his interaction with the Troops at the Tribute to The Troops show. Bryan talks about all his activities. Daniel talks about meeting with the armed forces and how amazing they are. Renee talks about how humbling the whole experience was. She mentions that Jason Jordan got tazered. She talks about flying in a helicopter near the white house and pentagon. Renee plugs the tribute to the troops show tomorrow night. How talent from both Raw and Smackdown Live will be on the show.

- Alexa Bliss joins the show. She discusses her injury. Says that she hasn't visited the trainer yet. Bryan questions Alexa, Why she hasn't been to see a trainer. Daniel questions the legitimacy of Alexa's knee injury. Alexa takes exception to Bryan questioning her integrity.

- As the interview continues.... Alexa is asked about setting an example as Smackdown Women's Champion, and being a leader. Alexa starts answering the question by acting like she is in serious pain. She cuts the interview short and leaves the set. Renee asks Bryan if he should follow Alexa to the doctor's office. To see if she is being genuine about the extent of her injury. Bryan says that there is a lot of drama on the show, and he doesn't know who to trust.

- Renee closes the show by plugging Tribute To The Troops tomorrow night on the USA Network.


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