WWE Talking Smack Recap (12/20): Guests Baron Corbin, Becky Lynch And Natalya

'Talking Smack' On The WWE Network

- Renee Young welcomes the audience to this week's edition of Talking Smack. She is joined by SD Live general manager Daniel Bryan. Bryan talks about how he is a little under the weather tonight. Bryan says that he is going to make it rain. Renee jokes that he can't make it rain in his sweater. Bryan calls himself Mr. Rogers.

- Daniel Bryan brings up the elephant in the room. What took place between The Miz and Renee on Smackdown Live tonight. Where Renee slapped Miz in the face after he brought up her relationship with Dean Ambrose. Renee addresses it by saying that it is no secret that her and Dean are in a relationship. She didn't like the way Miz called it out on Live television. She feels that Miz crossed the line with her. Renee apologizes for crossing the line by hitting a WWE superstar. She wants to move on from the subject.

- "Santa Claus" ends up joining the show as a guest co-host. It's actually Rhyno in Santa gear. He has his sack with him. Makes a creepy joke about being happy to see Renee. Baron Corbin joins the show.

- Baron Corbin talks about how happy he is to finally be a part of the main event picture now. Corbin brags about getting the most metal athlete award last week. He rips on Daniel Bryan for booking a #1 contenders 4-way last week, while he was away. Calls himself the biggest superstar on the show. Corbin gives Daniel Bryan credit for finally doing something right. By booking him in a triple threat world championship match next week in Chicago. Rhyno... I mean Santa Claus reads off a list and says that Corbin has a bad attitude. Corbin threatens to beat up Santa and then leaves the set.

- Daniel Bryan hypes next week's Smackdown Live. With AJ Styles defending the WWE Championship against Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin. As well as Alexa Bliss defending the Smackdown Womens Championship against Becky Lynch. There will also be a four corners elimination tag title match. With The Wyatt family taking on American Alpha, The Usos and Slater & Rhyno. John Cena's return is also hyped for next week's show in Chicago. Bryan hums the Cena theme song.

- "Santa" starts complaining about being hot in the studio. Starts undoing his jacket. He starts acting creepy and tries to hit on Renee. Renee welcomes La Luchadora to the show.

- Becky joins the show in her La Luchadora gear. Makes a silly pun about keeping Santa away from her, because she is "Clausterphobic". Becky takes off her mask and talks about the differences between her and Alexa Bliss. How happy she was to get one up on her earlier tonight. Becky talks about her match next week versus Alexa. How she is very motivated to regain the womens championship. Becky then rips on the attitudes and actions of the wrestlers on Smackdown Live. How a lot of them have no integrity. Taking too many short cuts. How she is tired of it. Bryan agrees with Becky. Admits that he has taken short cuts in the past, but how he changed at the end of his career. Santa then offers up a question for Becky. Ask her how she likes this and then proceeds to rub cookies on his bare chest. Becky is disgusted by this and turns away. Santa puts the cookie back on the plate. Daniel Bryan jokes that Arn Anderson would like that cookie. Santa then asks Renee if she likes his bare chest. Starts rubbing the cookies on it again. Rhyno Claus then drops a cookie down his pants, and asks Renee if she wants to go find it. Daniel Bryan jokingly offers to get that cookie for Santa. Santa refuses Bryan's offer. Santa invites Renee to his hotel room later.

- Becky leaves the show... Daniel talks about the "Wild Card Finals" being a creation by Mr. McMahon... Shane that is. Santa starts burping on set..... Which disgusts both Renee and Bryan.... Renee talks about Zack Ryder's injury. How the Hype Bros are now out of the tag title picture. Bryan calls the situation sad for Zack. How he feels bad for him and Mojo Rawley. Santa continues to be creepy. Renee hints that Santa is Rhyno. Asks his opinion on Heath Slater. "Santa" says that Heath was temporarily on the naughty list but not anymore.

- Natalya now joins the show. She says that she put the spotlight back on herself tonight. She puts over the Bellas resume. How Nikki won the PWI women's wrestler of the year in 2015. How Natty feels that she is to blame for that because she trained Nikki. Natalya says that she is sick and tired of taking a back seat to everyone. Says that there is no women's revolution without her. She wants to be at the top of the women's division. Bryan asks Natty why she attacked Nikki and then refused to reveal that she did it initially. Natalya says that she should have been the captain of their team at The Survivor Series. How she feels that she should be the Smackdown women's champion right now. She is tired of being overlooked. She calls herself royalty. Natalya is upset that the Bellas got their own show, when the Harts should have gotten their own show instead. Natty calls herself the best and walks off the show. Renee asks Bryan how he feels about Natty's comments towards the Bellas. Bryan takes exception with Natty's comments towards his wife and sister in law. How Natty labeled the bellas as only getting chances because they were pretty. Bryan says that it was the case 10 years ago, but that everyone gets a chance based on different reasons. Bryan says that Natalya only get her chance because she was related to The Harts. Bryan compares the criticism that The Bellas get, to what John Cena gets from his some of his peers and fans.

- Renee Young hypes up next week's Smackdown Live again. Santa Claus gives Renee and Bryan gifts. Both Renee and Bryan end up having nothing in their boxes. Santa says that there was nothing in the boxes because the elves have unionized. Renee wraps up the show.


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