WWE Talking Smack Recap (12/27): Guests John Cena, American Alpha And Dean Ambrose

Talking Smack On The WWE Network

- Renee Young welcomes the audience to this week's show. She is joined by special guest co-host JBL. JBL says that he is not Daniel Bryan with a makeover. He insults Mauro Ranallo, and states how he prefers working with Renee instead. JBL calls Mauro a troll and mentions that he blocked him on twitter. Renee and JBL briefly discuss American Alpha winning the SD Live Tag Championships. JBL is surprised that The Wyatts are no longer champions.

- John Cena joins the show.... Renee asks John, how he feels to be back. John feels great, and says that he has a special place in his heart for The All State Arena, because it is the place where he had his first match. JBL says that Chicago has the greatest fans in the world. Cena mildly disagrees. Calls the Chicago crowds the most vocal, but feels that there are a few other places that can contend for having the greatest fans. Cena talks about the new landscape in the WWE and the "New Era". He compares it to the period where he, Batista and Randy Orton came up. Calls the current crop of talent, the best the company has seen in 15 years.

- JBL comments on how Michael Cole has labeled John Cena as the greatest WWE superstar of all time. Cena responds with how much do you believe what Michael Cole says. JBL jokingly says that he never believes anything Cole says. JBL then puts over Cena's longevity. However, JBL brings up John Cena's past criticism of The Rock for being a part timer. He asks Cena if he regrets making those comments. John says that he considers what he said back then as the "stupidest stuff ever". He said that at the time, Cena was looking at it with very blinded eyes. That he wanted to get Rock to come back and commit to the WWE. He now sees that he was wrong with his statements towards The Rock, and how he questioned his love for the business. Cena puts over how big of a worldwide star, The Rock is and how he has been great for the WWE. Just by making it as big as he has......

- Renee compliments and congratulates John Cena on his appearance on Saturday Night Live. Cena calls it a great experience and hopes to do it again someday. The conversation shifts to the Smackdown Live main event, and AJ Styles successful defense of the WWE Championship. Cena talks about the great showing by Styles, Ziggler and Corbin in that match. JBL mentions Cena going for the world championship record held by Ric Flair....... John Cena then transitions into talking about how he is tired of people, talking about how he and the WWE are sick of each other. How there have been rumors of how Cena is tired of being in the company. Cena takes issue with those reports. States that he loves the WWE and loves what he does. He sees his outside opportunities as a way to build up the company. He doesn't like the way people have him with one foot already out the door. Cena talks about how he has been receiving awkward looks from wrestlers in the company since he returned.

- AJ Styles joins the show and places the WWE Championship on the desk. Styles addresses John Cena and accuses him of trying to big league him. By showing up at the end of Styles match and offering to shake his hand. Styles says that Cena was out to punk him in the middle of the ring. That he knows what John was up to with his gesture. Cena responds by saying that he is going to punk Styles at The Royal Rumble. AJ mocks John and says that he didn't "punk" him at SummerSlam when he had the chance to. John mentions how he had an injured shoulder, and Styles pounces on Cena verbally. He mocks him for using that as an excuse. John Cena says that he is going to take the WWE Championship away from Styles at the Royal Rumble. Says that if he wanted to punk out Styles, he could have very easily tonight. Cena promises to do just that at The Royal Rumble. Before leaving the show, AJ tells Cena that he is going to do what he does best, and that's "Beat John Cena".

- After Styles leaves. JBL asks Cena to elaborate on how he mentioned earlier that he has been receiving awkward looks from the other wrestlers. JBL asks him to name names. Which Cena doesn't. Instead he talks about how it is similar to the way, AJ talks to him. Cena talks about how people think that he is washed up. That they are saying that he has gone Hollywood. Cena says that all that talk is fueling his fire. Cena talks about how he has yet to beat AJ Styles, but he is best at not giving up. His focus isn't on being a 16 time world champ, but towards earning back respect. He doesn't like that he is being spoken about in a past tense. Cena says "F That".

- John Cena says that he understands why people in the locker room, are treating him the same way, he treated Duane Johnson. That him doing tv shows or movies is no different than what The Miz, Dean Ambrose or any other WWE superstar does. By going away to film movies and then coming back. Cena says that he hasn't lost a step. That he is stronger than he has ever been, and is completely healthy. Calls 2016 the year of AJ Styles but that the calendar is turning, and it's going to be his year. Cena says that he is fed up and motivated to silence his critics. That he is not just a footnote, and that he can still keep up with anyone. JBL says that he has never seen Cena in better shape, but wonders if Cena is the same guy on the inside. That beat him and Edge. John says that he is better now. That he is more focused than he was back then. Cena states that he is like Triple H at this stage of his career. That HHH was called The Game for a reason. Compares where he is mentally now to where Triple H was. John says that his big match experience has made him who he is now. He states that AJ is great but still is a novice in that area, in comparison to him.

- JBL puts over the standard that Cena has set in big matches over the years. JBL wonders if Cena can have a career defining moment like HBK had 20 years ago, at the Rumble in San Antonio. John Cena talks about being the underdog for once. He talks about being the one who is going to move AJ Styles out the way. Says that Styles hasn't taken his best shot yet. Like JBL once did. Cena talks about being 39 years old and how he will turn 40 in April. John says that his age and the doubters is what is driving him now. That he wasn't joking when he said, it's not the new era but the "my time is now" era......... Cena leaves the show.

- Renee and JBL talk about John Cena's legacy and history. JBL feels that we are going to see a new John Cena in 2017. How it will be reminiscent of The Ruthless Agression Era Cena.

- American Alpha now join the show. They talk about how happy, they are to finally be tag team champions on Smackdown. How their main goal is to have people think of them, whenever they think of tag teams.

- JBL asks Alpha if they gave out tickets to tonight's show. Says that they must have given out at least 400 tickets. JBL mentions how Alpha was at ringside after their match hugging everyone. He jokingly says that they are not that popular. Jordan and Gable admit that their families were at ringside for tonight's show. Clips are shown of Gable and Jordan hugging their family members at ringside. JBL then says that Alpha must be proud of who they beat for the titles. That it wasn't someone like Barry Horowitz. Alpha puts over The Wyatts, but they consider themselves the best tag team. JBL tells Alpha to get rid of their catchphrase. He calls "Ready, Willing and Gable" awful. JBL calls Alpha a recreation of The Steiners and Briscos, and puts them over as badasses. JBL tells Gable and Jordan that they need to market themselves as such, and advises them to stop trying to sell silly merchandise. Before Alpha leaves, JBL goes on a history rant. He then says that he is much better than Daniel Bryan and for good measure, mocks Mauro Ranallo again.

- The next topic of the show is La Luchadora and her interference during the Alexa Bliss-Becky Lynch match. JBL says that they he thought that Luchadoras was the sister of Mil Mascaras, but now he is not so sure. JBL talks about how the WWE has had several Sin Caras. So the identity of La Luchadora is anyone's guess. JBL and Renee recap the ending of The women's title match on Smackdown Live.

- Dean Ambrose is the final guest on tonight's show. Ambrose talks about how he likes his new collar shirt look. How he exudes authority. JBL calls for Dean to have a makeover. So that he doesn't look like someone who crawled out of a dumpster. Dean takes exception to JBL's critique of him. JBL backtracks and calls Dean's look unique.

- The conversation transitions to Renee's smack of The Miz last week. JBL asks Dean about it. Ambrose says that he is not Renee's daddy and that she can do whatever she wants. Dean then puts over how good looking Renee is, and how Miz got what he deserved. Dean then brings up Renee's Canadian background and compares her to a enforcer in hockey.

- JBL asks Dean about the potential conflict of interest with Dean being romantically involved with Renee Young. Ambrose doesn't see the conflict there. He mentions how it is never a good idea to make a woman angry. He then tells a story about a past experience with his grandmother.

- Renee says that Miz crossed the line last week. How she feels that she had to apologize for her actions last week. Renee says that she will leave it to the GM to decide her fate. Dean goes off the rails with a wacky analogy. Renee tries to get him back on track. Dean promises to maim The Miz next week on Smackdown Live. Dean is excited about taking the IC title away from hi,. Dean actually puts over The Miz. Says that he is quietly putting together a hall of fame career.... The show ends with Dean promising to maim The Miz next week.


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