Backstage News On This Week's TNA TV Tapings, Jeff Jarrett Note, TNA Couple Returning This Week?

- As noted, TNA will return to Universal Studios in Orlando for more Impact Wrestling and pay-per-view tapings later this week. Word is that we won't see any major roster or direction changes this week, according to PWInsider. With Anthem Sports & Entertainment taking over, there's a feeling that they just need to get through these tapings and make it to March.


- It will be interesting to see if Jeff Jarrett attends this week's tapings. We know he's had recent talks with Anthem and he was in Florida earlier this week on a family vacation.

- There's also speculation on Angelina Love and Davey Richards returning this week. Angelina gave birth to their first child together back in March but Richards has been out of action since the spring with an ACL injury. Davey did recently announce via Twitter that 2017 would be his last year in the ring. Could Davey be the mystery opponent TNA is teasing for World Heavyweight Champion Eddie Edwards this Thursday?

Source: PWInsider Elite

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