Daniel Bryan Talks Talent Frustrations With Part Time Wrestlers, If John Cena Deserves Criticism

As seen on SmackDown Live and Talking Smack last night, both Baron Corbin and WWE Champion AJ Styles took shots at John Cena being a part-timer. During Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan addressed the issues that talents have with part-timers taking their spots.


"I had this issue when I was a full time wrestler, and I still kind of have this issue today," Bryan said.

Bryan said that someone like Dean Ambrose has been headlining "like 99% of the [SmackDown] live events" since the draft, and then gets pushed aside when WrestleMania time comes around. Bryan said, "around WrestleMania time, all these people who are part-timers come in and they take the best spots at WrestleMania."

Bryan talked about Ambrose's schedule and making all the live events, and noted why it can be frustrating for talents who work full time all year only to be pushed aside for 'Mania. Bryan felt different about Cena however, noting that Cena doesn't deserve that kind of criticism because he has "worked harder than anybody else."


Bryan added that while he sees the frustration from talent to part-timers, he understands the management side more now that he's General Manager and wants to put on big events with special attractions.

"But I mix that," Bryan added. "We need to put it on our full-time guys."