Finn Balor's Protege On Why He Thinks WWE Picked Him For U.K. Tournament, Possible Weekly U.K. Show

Finn Balor's protege, Jordan Devlin, spoke to Sky Sports to promote the WWE U.K. Championship this weekend, which he is a part of. Below are some highlights:

What he has learnt from Balor:

"I followed his career and it was 16 years between when I first met him and he won the Universal Title - he is a lesson in terms of perseverance and sticking at it. Every time he had a sniff at anything big in wrestling he always tried his hardest to achieve it, so he really inspired me that way as well. His view was that every training session was important."

Why WWE picked him for the tournament:

"I hope it's down to more than just looking like Finn! I am athletic and am very experienced for a guy who is just 26 years of age having been in the game for 14 years. I have been all over the world, throughout Europe and in Japan, so I have lots of bases covered."

The possibility of WWE having a weekly show in the U.K.:

"It's mind-blowing. The UK scene was out in the wilderness a little bit so to see its revival first hand, to see the enormous talent pool, and to think there might be a weekly TV show is fantastic. If we took it to Ireland and I played some part in it, however small, that would be a dream come true."

Devlin also discussed the impact Balor has had on his career, Irish wrestling, his style and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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