Jay Lethal Talks Possibility Of Never Signing With WWE, His Dream, Differences Between ROH And TNA

Comicbook has an interview with Ring of Honor star Jay Lethal. He talks about his Ring of Honor stint, WWE dreams and more. Below are some highlights from the interview.

Having more freedom in Ring of Honor:


"I have a lot more freedom here in ROH than I ever did in TNA. The in-ring promos alone. In fact in TNA, the only time I was allowed to cut a live promo with a live audience was my stint with Ric Flair, which was amazing, but to throw me out there for the first time you ever gave me a chance was risky, but it worked out. In Ring of Honor I get a lot more freedom, a lot more people willing to listen to my ideas."

About moving to WWE:

"My dad asked me a few years [ago], 'if you don't make it to the WWE, I think that you have made it in wrestling in general. You have an action figure, you've been able to purchase a home with your wrestling money. People all around the world know you. You can travel to a different country and people want to meet you. They want to shake your hand. They want to talk to you. You've made it!' And I agree with him 100%. Once you get into the wrestling business, I think once you step behind the curtain you get to see a lot of things you didn't get to see as a fan, therefor your dream kind of changes. Am I saying that my dream along time ago wasn't to make it to the WWE, of course! They shaped my love for professional wrestling. My dream as I got older ? I am extremely happy where I am right now."


Lethal also talked about wanting to be in WWE after seeing Ric Flair win the Royal Rumble. You can read the full interview here.

Source: Comickbook.com