Jimmy Snuka WWE Collections Promo, Snuka HOF Note, Shawn Michaels' New Movie Getting Poor Reviews

- WWE has created a collection for the late Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka on the WWE Network. You can check out a promo for the collection in the video above.

- It should be noted that WWE has yet to put Snuka back in the Hall of Fame section of their website. Snuka was removed from that section in September of 2015 after he was charged with involuntary manslaughter and third-degree murder for the 1983 death of Nancy Argentino.

- Negative reviews continue to roll in for The Resurrection of Gavin Stone, which features Shawn Michaels' first movie role. The movie is currently only at a 20% at RottenTomatoes.com. There haven't been many reviews for the movie. As of this writing, of the 5 reviews counted for the movie, 4 have been negative and only one has been positive.