Jonathan Coachman On Why 'Broken Star' Ronda Rousey Will Never Sign With WWE

Recently, ESPN's Jonathan Coachman was on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca. Among other things, Coachman explained his contention that WWE will never bring in Ronda Rousey.

Coachman reluctantly referred to Rousey as a "broken star" and said that WWE will never bring her in because the fans would treat her unfairly and there is nothing for her to do at WWE now.


"They're never going to bring her in because the fans wouldn't treat her fairly and what would she really do at this point?" Coachman stated, "when you look at Ronda Rousey now, guys, what do you have that's any better than she was before the fight? The WWE wouldn't have taken her before the fight and if people want to tweet out pictures of her and The Rock, guess when that was. WrestleMania 2015, before she ever lost, before any of the dramatics, before any of that.

"I said this and I'll say it again, there [has] never been an athlete in the history of sports that their self-worth, and I don't like saying this, but it's true, that their self-worth is so tied to their professional success. Think about that for a second. When she lost, not only was she devastated, but she admitted that some thoughts that went through her head were not good ones. And, hopefully, she understands that she [has] gone much [further] than almost any female in really sports in the last 15 years. And, hopefully, she can latch onto the positives, but as far as WWE is concerned, they don't bring in, and I refer to her as a broken star, because that's what she is. She's broken from a professional sense. They don't rebuild broken celebrities outside of the WWE."


According to Coachman, from his extensive experience with WWE, he knows the company only brings in people with a certain mental makeup and Rousey has exposed herself as not fitting the bill.

"This isn't just a guess from afar. They go after, if you're bringing in somebody from the outside, they go after people with a certain type of makeup and Ronda Rousey showed all of us that, how she responded to a loss, showed a lot about what she's made of. And I'm not saying that's good. I'm not saying that's bad. I'm just saying as far as the kind of person you want to go after and build a program around, to bring her in the WWE and build up this perception of what her reality is not, you can't do that. And you can't disappear, guys, for 13 months from the fight game and then come back and expect all of us to think you're going to be as nasty as you were before."

Coachman continued, "people think WWE is going to bring her in [but] she lost two movies last year because you can't bring somebody in who's a perceived badass and make her this thing in a movie if she just got knocked out cold in her profession."

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Source: Busted Open