Lucha Underground
Season 3 Episode 18 “EVIL RISING”

The show opens with a video that serves as a prelude to tonight. In the video is a look back to The Mack winning The Battle of The Bulls tournament. Which has earned him a shot at Johnny Mundo and The Lucha Underground Championship. Also highlighted in the video is Sexy Star’s current feud with Mariposa, Paul London’s “Rabbit Tribe” and Kobra Moon’s reptile tribe and it’s forced recruitment of Drago.

The opening scene of the show has Mil Muertes in a darkened room with Catrina. Muertes is ranting about Prince Puma’s return. He can’t believe that he is still alive after Grave Consequences. Catrina tells Muertes that Vampiro is the one to blame for Puma’s resurrection because Vampiro deals with Black Magic. Catrina tells Muertes that if he wants Puma, He will have to get to Vampiro first.

Catrina is now walking through the hallways of The Temple. When Jeremiah Crane approaches her from behind. Crane taunts Catrina, and tells her that he beat Mil Muertes last week. The man that she loves. Catrina says that Muertes is not the one that she loves. As she walks away from Crane. Jeremiah has a look of shock on his face. As if he is unsure, if he is “the one”, Catrina is talking about.

We are now inside The Temple. Matt Striker and Vampiro hype tonight’s show from the broadcast table. They cue to Melissa Santos in ring for tonight’s opening match.

Sexy Star vs. Mariposa

This match was requested by Sexy Star. In recent weeks, Star has been stalked by someone. She has come to the conclusion that Mariposa is the one playing mind games with her.

Star jumps Mariposa to start things off. She grounds and pounds her, then throws her around the ring by her pigtails. Sexy knocks Mariposa to the outside, and then launches herself on top of her. Star continues attacking on the outside. Mariposa battles back and the two women continue brawling. We get our first holy chant on the show just minutes into the match. When Mariposa has Sexy by her waist, She starts swinging Sexy and slams her head repeatedly into the broadcast table.

A weakened Star is now dragged into the ring. Mariposa tries to finish Sexy off with the butterfly effect . Sexy escapes out of the hold and delivers a boot to Mariposa’s face. She then starts striking Mariposa with knife edged chops. The momentum is now in Sexy’s favor. Star continues the assault on Mariposa with multiple strikes. Mariposa battles back and hits a samoan drop. She covers Star for a near fall. Mariposa then applies a modified indian death lock on Sexy. Star eventually gets to the ropes and breaks the hold. Mariposa heads to the top rope and comes off with a moonsault but misses. Sexy fires up and hits a basement dropkick. Both women battle to the top rope. Star knocks Mariposa down and comes off the top with a double foot stomp. She then covers Mariposa and pins her for the victory.

Sexy Star defeats Mariposa by pinfall

After the match, Mariposa’s brother Marty The Moth comes to the ring to console her. He ends up choke slamming Mariposa. As the show goes to it’s first break….

When the show returns, Mascarita Sagrada is backstage at The Temple lifting weights, twice the size of himself. He is approached by The Rabbit Tribe. Paul London is with his tribe members, Mala Suerte and Saltador. The Rabbit Tribe bows before Mascarita. They tell him that they have finally found their white rabbit. Mascarita repeats the word no several times. Paul London says that Mascarita is their guru and god. That he is the leader of their tribe. London asks Mascarita to join them at ringside tonight. Mascarita tells London in Spanish, that he is “loco” and walks away. When Sagrada walks away, London and his tribe members hold hands and talk about how incredible Mascarita is.

Back in The Temple for this upcoming Trios match.

The Rabbit Tribe (Paul London, Mala Suerte & Saltador) vs. Kobra Moon, Pindar & Vibora w/Drago

Melissa Santos introduced Kobra Moon’s tribe with the tagline ” When Reptiles ruled the earth”….. Drago is in chains and he is led to the ring by Kobra Moon. Kobra unhooks Drago from the chains and she makes him take her place in the match.

The Snakes vs The Rabbits in this one….. Paul London’s group is supposed to be a take on The Alice In Wonderland novel. The psychedelic drug in that story. Both Vampiro and Striker make references to The Tribe’s drug use during the match…. Welcome to Lucha Underground…… Pretty wacky match but what would you expect. Double tags, a lot of gyrating, dancing and goofiness from The Rabbit Tribe.

Drago gets triple teamed by London, Suerte and Saltador. Drago escapes and tags in Vibora. The believers in the Temple chant “Luchasaurus” at him. Paul London doesn’t initially take Vibora seriously and acts like he is tripping out. Things get serious when Vibora takes down all 3 Rabbit Tribe members. He then beats down on Paul London. London gets trapped in The Reptile corner. Pindar goes to work on London. Kobra Moon gets involved and chokes out London with her chain.

Paul London eventually escapes and tags in Mala Suerte. The Rabbits retake the advantage temporarily with triple teaming. It doesn’t last long though. As Vibora gets in the ring and hits Paul London with a jumping tombstone piledriver. Kobra Moon then commands Drago into the ring to finish off Saltador. Drago does just that when he hits a running neckbreaker on Saltador and pins him.

Vibora, Drago & Pindar defeat The Rabbit Tribe

After the match, Drago is put back in his chains and is presumably put back in a trance. Out comes Drago’s original trios partners Fenix and Aerostar. They attack Vibora and Pindar, and send them outside the ring. Kobra Moon then unchains Drago. Fenix and Aerostar try to communicate with their partner Drago but he pushes them off. Kobra tries yelling at Drago to turn on his friends but Fenix and Aerostar hold him back from doing so.

Sex Star is backstage and she is congratulated by The Mack for defeating Mariposa earlier. Sexy offers to be in Mack’s corner for his championship opportunity tonight against Johnny Mundo. The Mack appreciates Star’s offer but he declines. Something that Star did as well to Mack a few weeks back.

Back from the break, Dario Cueto is in the locker room of The Temple. He approaches The Mack and calls him the baddest bull in the building. Cueto also calls him “The Mack Daddy”. He asks Mack, if he is ok with that. The Mack says that after tonight, Cueto is going to call him champ. Cueto reveals that The Mack’s match tonight is not for the title…. Mack is upset with this news. Cueto says that the main event is a warm up for a future match. The Mack says that he doesn’t need a damn warm up. Cueto says that tonight’s match is still important because the winner will get to choose the stipulation for the world title match. Cueto says that even if Mack loses tonight, that he will still get his world title match. The Mack asks Cueto if he is a gambling man. Tells him to “Always Bet On Mack”.

Johnny Mundo vs. The Mack
Non Title Match- Winner picks stipulation of their upcoming world championship match

Johnny Mundo controls the early portion of this one. Hitting Mack with several kicks and strikes. He taunts him along the way. When the action heads to the outside, The Mack regains the advantage. He hits Mundo with a german suplex on the floor. The Mack goes after Mundo but Johnny is able to counter by throwing The Mack into the barricade. Both men are back in the ring and Johnny is back in control.

Mundo once again starts taunting Mack and taking his time. It backfires as Mack fires up and hits a lariat on Mundo. He then follows that up with a spinning back elbow and then the people’s elbow. The Mack adds a dab for good measure. Mundo battles back momentarily but Mack hits a samoan drop on him.. He then kips up and hits a standing moonsault for a near fall. The Mack now attempts a Rock Bottom, Mundo counters out but Mack hits a pop up forearm on him. He covers Johnny but the count is broken up when Mundo gets his foot on the bottom rope. The battle now goes to the apron and Mack hits a code breaker with Mundo draped in between the ropes. This leads to another near fall. Both men struggle to their feet. The Mack goes for the stunner, is pushed away and into referee Marty Elias. The ref is down now. Mack hits a sit out power boomb but there is no ref to count. Elias eventually gets over to count but Mundo kicks out at 2. The worldwide underground are now at ringside. They distract Mack and Mundo hits a low blow on him and pins him for the victory.

Johnny Mundo defeats The Mack by pinfall

The Worldwide Underground celebrates Mundo’s victory in ring. They beat down on The Mack. Jack Evans and PJ Black hold down Mack by his arms while Mundo addresses him on the mic. Johnny tells Mack that he sucks and doesn’t deserve to be in the ring with him. That he is a fat piece of crap that barely lasted 10 minutes in the ring tonight. Mundo picks the stipulation for their world title match. He picks an All Night Long match. Johnny Mundo curb stomps The Mack and calls him a fat piece of trash.

As The Underground continue celebrating, Mil Muertes and Catrina appear at the top of the ramp. Underground heads for cover as the fans think that Muertes is headed for them. Instead Mil heads directly for Vampiro. He knocks him down at the broadcast table. He then pounds away repeatedly on Vampiro. Mil then takes Vampiro to the inside of the ring, to continue the beating. Prince Puma arrives and heads to save his new master. Vampiro tells Puma to remain on the apron and not intervene. Mil Muertes gives Vampiro a flatliner with Puma watching. The show ends at this point.