Mark Andrews, who is a participant in this weekend’s U.K. Championship tournament, was interviewed by ESPN to discuss the event. Below are a couple of highlights:

Why TNA is still in his Twitter handle, @MandrewsTNA

“Man, I had so many people messaging me saying that. It was so frustrating. It’s like, I can read, I obviously know it’s still that, but it’s a process, you know?”

Leaving TNA:

“I had a great time in TNA, but I decided it was time to finish up with them to try and take a bet on myself, because the UK has been such a hot spot for wrestling. Fortunately for me, literally instantly after my contract was up, this opportunity came around, so it was kind of perfect timing. I had a great two years with TNA — there were no hard feelings when I left. There’s a lot of incredible talent in that company. Not just with the roster, but the staff and everyone involved. I think a lot of rumors online make it seem a lot worse there than it actually is. I just wish them the best of luck, and I really hope they can carry on doing well.

“I never planned for this to happen, but everybody wants to work with WWE. It’s the top company in the world for professional wrestling. If this hadn’t happened, I think I would have just kept my doors open and carried on doing this more as a labor of love than a labor. I still planned to leave TNA after these two years, not with any hard feelings, but just because I’m young and I’d like to get as much experience as possible to become the best possible all-rounder I can be. I wouldn’t know what was in sight, but I would still be looking to broaden my horizons in wrestling.”

Andrews also discussed the popularity of the British wrestling scene, starting with TNA at a young age, this weekend’s tournament and more. You can read the full interview by clicking here. Also, make sure to join us this afternoon and Sunday for our live coverage of the U.K. Championship tournament.