Mick Foley Explains The Suit He Wore On RAW, Fit Finlay Note, WWE Announcer On CBS Show, Becky Lynch

- Happy Birthday to WWE producer and former U.S. Champion Fit Finlay, who turns 59 years old today.

- As noted, yesterday was Becky Lynch's 30th birthday, and she worked that night's SmackDown live event in Hidalgo. A fan at the event got a section of the crowd to sing "Happy Birthday" to her, as seen below:

- WWE SmackDown commentator David Otunga will be appearing on the CBS drama Criminal Minds next Wednesday, February 8th at 9pm ET. Otunga will play a nightclub bouncer on the show.

- WWE RAW General Manager posted an entry on his Facebook about the green checkered suit that he wore on last night's RAW. He noted that he "no longer cared what people thought" of him. You can check out the full entry below:

Actually , I think it was two summers ago when I went back to the fanny-pack, and was eating a funnel cake at a fair in Kentucky - when I truly realized that I no longer cared what people thought of me. When you are rocking the fanny pack, and getting powdered sugar everywhere - fully aware that people are taking your photo - you truly are no longer playing the game of life with your own set of rules. Thank you David Alan for allowing me to #StyleAndProfile with custom suits that don't break the bank! Check them out for yourself at https://www.davidalanclothing.com/our-work/


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