Road Warrior Animal On Hitting Vince McMahon With His Finisher, Underutilized WWE Stars, The New Day

Sports Illustrated's This Week In Wrestling contains an interview with Road Warrior Animal. Below are a couple of highlights:

Giving Vince McMahon the Doomsday Device at a gentlemen's club in San Antonio:

"[Hulk] Hogan waved at me when Vince wasn't looking and gave me the thumbs up. I looked at Hawk and said, 'Bro, let's give Vince a Doomsday.' So I got behind Vince and got him on my shoulders, and Hawk literally jumped on the stage at a male dance place—with female dancers, mind you—and the dancer moved aside, because she probably wasn't used to seeing a 275-pound man with traps coming out of his ears. Then Hawk came running off the stage and clotheslined Vince off my shoulders."

Hogan caught Vince so he did not have to take the flip from the clothesline.

"You can only imagine all of us doing this right in the middle of a dance club, but it was all done in fun. Shortly after, we were all escorted out."

The New Day:

"I'll admit it, I love those guys. I helped train Big E for a couple weeks in Tampa. I know those three and they're all really good guys and very talented. People believe in them, and American Alpha is the only other team with a chance to be great. They just need to improve their interviews, but right now, so many other teams are not ready for that push nor are they utilized in the fashion they should be. Dolph Ziggler is a perfect example. He is the modern day Mr. Perfect, but all they do is build him up to beat him. They have a third generation star in Joe Hennig — who they call Curtis Axel—who is a superstar that is underutilized and one of the most talented wrestlers in the company. Why not use his heritage with the Hennig name? That's a conversation I've had with many other legends.

"For tag teams, you can't just throw two guys together and call them a team. Hawk and I knew each other for years, we bounced in bars together. People love chemistry. That's why the Four Horsemen were so great, and The New Day has that and that is part of the reason why they are so phenomenal."

Animal also discussed Hawk's passing, wanting a longer program with The Hart Foundation, putting The New Age Outlaws over and much more. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

Source: Sports Illustrated

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