Sound Off Reactions On Who Should Leave WWE Raw With U.S. Championship

Yesterday, we asked who you felt should leave Raw with U.S. title and after nearly 2,000 votes in the poll, Roman Reigns was your pick with 47 percent. Chris Jericho was the runner-up with 31 percent.


With over seven hundred comments, you all had a lot to say (about a number of...interesting topics), so let's get to a couple thoughts that trended throughout your replies.

1) Reigns Wins, Always - WWE continues to push the pedal on Reigns and odds are he will become a double champion in the very near future. Since that could be the case, he'll win on Monday, and maybe Owens/Jericho will finally break-up.

2) Give "It" to Jericho - Many of you felt Jericho deserves some kind of a title run after his amazing 2016 and it could play into his eventual break-up with Owens. This change would also allow Reigns to move to the WWE Universal title, imagine if Owens dropped the strap to Reigns, then Jericho was the friend with a championship. Jealousy ensues, pop-up powerbomb, and a new feud is born. Some fantasy bookers said they would rather see Reigns go against Goldberg at WrestleMania. Many comments also spoke to how Reigns has done nothing for the U.S. title and that Rusev should have stayed champion.


3) Boring - Another variation of Jericho, Owens, Reigns is pretty much the last thing most (all) of you want to see. Raw is in a dangerously predictable pattern right now and they need to shake things up, pronto.

Thanks to everyone who responded, we'll see how things go on Monday night. For now, here are some of the top comments:

Jack Brady:

"Chris Jericho deserves one more run with a belt."

Mr. Cooper:

"After Raw's Main Event, we will know.
Roman Loses on Raw = He wins at RR
Roman Wins on Raw = He wins at RR"

Man That Creative Tuned Heel:

"Does it really matter who leaves with U.S. title because it has been turned into a joke since Reigns won it. Rusev was better off holding on to it. IC title is more interesting than Universal and U.S. title combined."

Damien Demento: TheKingOfZing:

"The U.S. title hasn't meant anything in a very long time. If Jericho won it and renamed it the Canadian title, it could breathe some new life into it."