** SPOILERS ** TNA Impact Results For 2/2 And 2/9

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Lyne B. for sending us these results from yesterday's TNA television tapings in Orlando:

To be broadcast on February 2nd and February 9th:

* The Hardys cut an in-ring promo declaring that they want ALL the tag titles everywhere (i.e. other promotions) and gave a warning to the "Bucks of Youth", "Family of Wyatts" and others. Jeff cashes in his Open Fight Night (OFN) briefcase by challenging Lashley for the TNA World Championship.


* TNA WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP: Bobby Lashley defeated Jeff Hardy via pinfall after a spear. The crowd was squarely behind Hardy. Eddie Edwards came to the ring afterwards wanting a rematch for the title and gives Lashley a new nickname: Triple B (b—h Boy Bobby), which the crowd quickly adopted. Lashley grants Edwards a rematch at a future date.

* Drew Galloway cut a promo in the ring. He wants to make the Grand Championship more important than the TNA World Championship. Moose interrupts wanting a rematch. Galloway was already approached for a title shot tonight which was to begin imminently.

* TNA GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP: Drew Galloway defeated Rob Ryzin (jobber) via pinfall in round 1

* EC3 defeated Eli Drake after the latter cashed in his OFN briefcase against an opponent of Tyrus' choosing. Not sure if this was a No Hold's Barred match as a baseball bat made a perfectly legal appearance. Nor are we sure the purpose of this rivalry. As Eli & Tyrus beat down EC3 post-match, a blackout occurs and DCC enter the ring to beat down all three. A legit trainer comes out to help two refs carry EC3 to the back who's sporting a massive bruise around his ribcage.


* Brandi Rhodes is back and calls out Rosemary. Decay comes to ring and surrounds Brandi. Rosemary puts Brandi in submission until Moose randomly appears to clean house.

* Aron Rex defeated Robbie E. New gimmick updates:
– Spud's entrance music is now jazz
– Aron Rex wears makeup (lipstick, eyeliner, blush)
– Aron Rex's official ring introduction must be sung (Spud sang it 3x while encouraging audience participation – painful)
– Aron Rex tapes his oversized rings and turns them accordingly to act as brass knuckles
– Spud performs a post-match dry down on Aron, front and back
– Aron Rex's gawd-awful nude trunks were replaced with glitter trunks

* There was a Helm's Dynasty promo. Helms introduces Trevor Lee (new X-Division Champion) as the "crown jewel of Helm's Dynasty" and claims Andrew Everett to be the weakness. Helms and Lee beat down Everett to "trim some fat" from their stable.

* Brooke Tessmacher defeated Sienna

* Brandi Rhodes & Moose defeated Rosemary & Crazzy Steve in a mixed-tag team match. The men dominated 95% of the match before Brandi performed an awkward drop-kick off the second turnbuckle for the win.

* DCC defeated Eli Drake & Tyrus in a 3 on 2 match. Eli walked out mid-match leaving Tyrus to get piled on for the defeat.



* Marshe Rocket defeated Samuel Shaw