Taped @ The Impact Zone In Orlando, Florida

This week's show kicks off with a video recap of the conclusion of last week's triple threat main event. Which saw Eddie Edwards retain The TNA World Championship by defeating EC3 and Bobby Lashley, thanks to his returning Wolves partner Davey Richards.

Josh Mathews and The Pope welcome the audience to the show from ringside. Mathews and Pope hype tonight's show. Mathews promotes the return of a former 3 time Knockouts champ and tonight's tag title main event. The Pope talks about The Decay facing off with The DCC tonight. The show then cues to backstage, and we see The Broken Hardy's. Brother Nero imitates a wolf howling. Broken Matt and Brother Nero promise to delete The Wolves in the main event tonight.

EC3 makes his way to the ring. Carter grabs hold of a steel chair and heads to the ringside area. He sits next to the guardrail near the fans. Carter talks about the conclusion of last week's Impact and One Night Only main event. He has an axe to grind because he was screwed out of being champ when Richards hit him with a steel chair. Carter calls Davey Richards interference collusion between him and Eddie Edwards. He makes a Wiki-Leaks reference. He then compares himself to Liam Neeson in the movie, "The Grey". Ethan says that he is coming after The Wolves and calls them out to the ring. Out comes Bobby Lashley instead, Bobby mocks EC3 and the fans on his way to the ring. The fans chant boring and shut your mouth at him. Bobby compares himself to EC3. Says that the difference between them is that he will do whatever it takes to become champion. While EC3 won't. Lashley talks about EC3's singles match with Edwards at last Friday's One Night Only pay-per-view. At the end of that match, Lashley handed Carter a chair to hit Edwards with it. Carter refused, took a spear from Lashley, and as Bobby prepared to hit Carter with a chair. Davey Richards came out, grabbed the chair from Lashley and struck Ethan with it by mistake. Lashley says that Davey Richards cost both of them the chance to be champion.

Bobby Lashley goes on to challenge Ethan Carter to a Last Man Standing match. He mistakenly says that it would be for The TNA World Championship. He then corrects himself that it would be a #1 contenders match. Ethan tells Lashley that he doesn't know if Bobby has the authority to make that match. So he will go ahead and ask The Anthem owl on The new TNA logo. Lashley gets upset with Ethan's joking and leaves the ring. Carter ends up accepting the match, but says that he wants to do it right now. Carter chases after Lashley on the outside and they both start brawling. Security runs out and breaks up both men. The show goes to break and when it returns, The match is made official.

Last Man Standing #1 Contenders Match
Ethan Carter III vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley has a steel chair and he is inside the ring. Carter charges at him, avoids the chair and then punches the chair into Lashley's face. Carter then hits multiple clotheslines and then an exploder suplex on Lashley. He follows that up with a second rope dropkick. Lashley heads to the outside to regroup. Carter comes out after him but Bobby grabs him and flings Carter into the steel barricade. Lashley then gets into the face of a fan before grabbing Carter again and dropping him neck first onto the guardrail. Bobby then heads under the ring and sets up a table next to the apron. Lashley then heads back to Carter and brings him to the table. Lashley attempts to suplex Carter through it, EC3 blocks the attempt. Carter then attempts a TK3 but Lashley blocks it. Carter gets thrown over the rail and then Lashley grabs him and powerslams Carter onto the ringside floor. Referee Brian Hebner begins the first count of the match but EC3 is able to get back up.

The action heads to inside the ring. Lashley attempts to leap off the top rope. Ethan gets up and slams Bobby down to the mat. Carter then hits a cutter on Lashley and clotheslines him to the outside floor. Lashley is counted down by the ref while Carter makes his way to Bobby. Carter delivers a suplex on the ringside floor. He then secures a table out from under the ring. The show goes to break as Lashley is crawling near the rampway and Carter is setting up a table.

Back from the break. Lashley and Carter are back inside the ring. EC3 hits a jawbreaker and a stinger splash in the corner on Lashley. He then hits a flapjack on him. Carter sets up for the one percenter but Lashley escapes. Bobby tries to spear Ethan in the corner but ends running into the ringpost. Carter then hits a german suplex on him. Carter splashes Lashley again, He then heads to the top rope with him. Carter superplexes Lashley. Both men struggle to get back up after the landing. When they do, Lashley grabs Carter, brings him to the top rope and hits a superplex of his own.

When both rise from their latest fall. Lashley spears EC3. Carter gets up to break the 10 count, but eats another spear from Lashley. The ref starts another count and while he does, Bobby Lashley heads to ringside and gets a table. He sets it up in the corner of the ring. Carter gets up to beat the count and then collapses. Bobby goes over to him and picks him up. Carter rises up and starts striking Lashley but Bobby puts a stop to it with a spinebuster. He then sets up Carter against the table, Lashley goes to spear him but Carter gets out of the way. Lashley is able to stop himself before crashing through the table. Carter grabs Lashley and hits the 1 percenter. EC3 then spears Lashley through the table. Both men are down and are being counted out. Carter makes his way back to his feet at 8, Lashley manages to roll outside the ring and land on his feet at the count of 9. The match continues, Carter gets a steel chair and whacks Lashley with it repeatedly. Carter then sits on a chair while Lashley is counted down. Lashley makes it back to his feet to break the count. Both men now head to ring apron. Carter applies a rear naked choke on Lashley and both men end up crashing through two tables at ringside.

Both men are counted down by referee Earl Hebner. Lashley rises up at 9. Carter rises up after the 10 count has just been made.

Bobby Lashley defeats Ethan Carter III in a Last Man Standing Match to become The #1 contender for The TNA World Championship

Lashley celebrates his win. A frustrated Ethan Carter is carried backstage by security..... Someone's hand is now being shown backstage near an assortment of rings. The person puts one of the rings on his pinky....... The Hardy's-Wolves tag title match is promoted for later tonight, as the show goes to break.

Back from the break. Josh Mathews promotes "Race for The Case" for next week. Eli Drake, The Miracle, The Hardy's, The DCC and The Decay will all vie for briefcases that they can be won in their matches. Those briefcases will be revealed and the matches will take place at "Open Fight Night" in two weeks on Impact..... We are now in the backstage area. McKenzie is having makeup applied when Eli Drake starts a commotion and everyone runs off. Drake commands the camera and has Tyrus grab a production assistant. Drake forces the assistant to read a written message. The message is to Impact Wrestling and it's fans. In it, Drake says that the company and fans don't appreciate him. So he is going to go silent. Drake will no longer use his catchphrases. Statements will be made without the need of using microphones. Drake promises to dole out penalties and fines to those who he deems to be deserving of them. Drake's message is that he is not sorry that the fans did this to themselves. The nervous assistant is forced to read the last line over and over. Drake then beats him down. Tyrus pretends to try and stop Eli from the beating. Another producer comes in and asks Eli to stop. Eli Drake eventually walks away.

Back in the ring is Rockstar Spud. Who has returned after quitting last week. He is dressed in some type of powder blue suit. Almost looking like a doorman or bellhop. He introduces the new Aron Rex. Rex has a new variation of his Hallelujah theme. Rex comes out looking like Liberace. He has a white mink robe. He is wearing multiple rings and has on makeup.

A group of fans chant "Delete" when Rex gets in the ring. Rockstar Spud sing's Aron's name. Rex starts speaking in an effeminate voice. He talks about how fans have never paid to see him wrestle, that they always paid just to see him. Rex then takes off his mink robe because he says that he is hotter than Mariah Carey on New Years Eve. Aron is wearing flesh colored tights and pink knee pads. Rex starts to talk about what is wrong with the industry when he is interrupted by Robbie E. Robbie insutls Rex and Rockstar Spud. He gets in the ring and says that it's a new era but Rex is still the same old jack-ass. He then takes a swing at Rex and Spud. As he beats on Spud in the corner, Rex attacks Robbie from behind. Aron and Rockstar beat down on Robbie in the corner. Rex throws several elbows into Robbie's face. Spud then holds him up. Rex rears back and knocks out Robbie with a punch. Aron then takes the mic and says that violence is never the answer.

The DCC is backstage. James Storm takes off his mask and says that it is a new year, but that there still remains old memories. Bram takes off his mask and addresses The Decay. He says that he will never forget what Rosemary and The Decay did to him last year. Eddie Kingston is up next. He says that he has memories of being told for 15 years that he is too violent and that he doesn't how to play. Everyone in the business has told him that he can't make it. So when he got the call from James Storm. He knew that he belonged in The DCC... Unique delivery by Kingston. An impressive promo by him. James Storm closes the promo vy saying that he is the still the cowboy and how he has talked to The Devil. He names his crew officially on air as The Death Crew Council.

Allie is backstage and she is approached by Maria. Allie is on the phone and is watching a video that Braxton Sutter sent her. Maria is upset at Allie who is still working for her as an assistant. Maria tells Allie that she isn't doing all the tasks, she gave her. Maria tells Allie to quit being a wrestler and wants her to break up her relationship with Braxton Sutter. Maria promises that her husband Mike Bennett will help end Sutter tonight. Maria berates Allie some more and then forces her to carry her fur. Allie objects because she is a vegan. Maria says that's why she wants her to do it.

The Death Crew Council (Bram & Eddie Kingston) w/James Storm vs. The Decay (Abyss & Crazzy Steve)w/Rosemary

A lot of brawling in this match. An early attack on Abyss gives DCC the advantage. This enables Bram and Kingston to beat down Crazzy Steve. They isolate him in their corner and double team him throughout. James Storm gets involved in the action, and attacks Steve on the outside while the ref is distracted. After several minutes of this, Steve eventually escapes and tags in Abyss. He comes in and beats down both Kingston and Bram. Storm tries to get involved again. Abyss goes after him. Meanwhile Crazzy Steve heads to the top rope and dives onto Bram and Kingston on the outside. Abyss and Storm battle towards the broadcast table. The referee calls for the bell. Presumably this is a no contest.

The Decay and The DCC battle to a no contest

Storm now grabs a bottle and cracks it over Abyss's head. The DCC is now in control. They beat down The Decay on the ringside floor. James Storm taunts and chases after Rosemary. Storm and Bram now double team Abyss and head towards the back area. Meanwhile, Kingston attempts to power bomb Steve on the rampway. Crazzy blocks it and backflips him onto the floor. Steve then battles with Kingston and they both head to the back area.

The Wolves are now shown backstage talking to each other. Eddie Edwards says that he is excited that they are back. HHe is happy that they are facing the Hardy's for the tag titles tonight. Davey Richards apologizes to Eddie for the way he acted last week. How he admitted that he was bitter watching Eddie succeed while he was injured. Eddie forgives Davey for snapping at him at The One Night Only pay-per-view. He tells Davey let's go out and win the titles later.

When the show returns. McKenzie Mitchell welcomes back former 3 time Knockouts champ Brooke Adams. They are seated together in an empty Impact Zone arena. Brooke says that she is excited to be back and considers TNA her home. Brooke talks about leaving Impact last October to start a family. She talks about how it feels to now be a mom. She is very happy and now wants to be back to make her son proud. Brooke says that she misses the rush of performing in front of a crowd. Brooke announces that she is back full time to be a part of The Knockouts division. She wants to contend for The Knockouts Championship. Brooke also announces that she will back to shake things up in the ring next week on Impact.

"The Miracle" Mike Bennett w/Maria vs. Braxton Sutter

The story behind this match is that Maria wants to ruin Allie's life by having her husband beat up and injure Braxton Sutter. Evenly contested match between these two early on. When the action gets to the outside, Bennett takes control by ramming Sutter into the steel guardrail repeatedly. Maria is very vocal at ringside during this match. She barks out orders to The Miracle. She ends up interfering in the match by distracting Sutter. Bennett superkicks Braxton. He then hits the miracle in progress on him. Before he can pin Sutter, Maria calls on her husband to "finish him"

The Miracle then piledrives Sutter. Maria gets on the apron and kisses her husband. She instructs Bennett to piledrive Sutter again. Allie comes out to try and get them to stop. Maria forces her to watch. Bennett goes for another piledriver but the distraction enables Sutter to roll him up with a jackknife cover for the pinfall victory.

Braxton Sutter defeats Mike Bennett by pinfall

Allie celebrates with Braxton on the ramp. An irate Maria is left in the ring with her husband.

After the break, Maria and Mike Bennett are still fuming from what just happened. They are backstage. Bennett tells Maria to take control of Allie and the situation. He tells Maria that she owns Allie. Maria gives Bennett's words some pause. She then smiles and says that she has thought of a plan to get back at Allie. When Maria walks away, Bennett chases after her and asks what the plan is.

TNA Knockouts Champion Rosemary makes her way to the ring. In a darkened arena, Rosemary cuts a promo about what she has done to The Knockouts division. She says that darkness has fallen on it and that The Decay has spread like a virus. Former Knockouts Champion Jade comes out to accept Rosemary's invite. Rosemary ends up challenging Jade to a Monsters Ball match next week. Jade accepts the challenge and promises to get as sick and twisted as Rosemary is.

Both women end up fighting when Rosemary attempts to attack Jade from behind. Jade goes for a package piledriver and Rosemary escapes from the ring.

The Broken Hardy's vs. The Wolves

Broken Matt and Eddie Edwards kick things off. Matt gets into some early trouble with The Wolves but manages to tag in his brother. Jeff and Davey Richards are now in. They do some chain wrestling. Richards is able to floor Jeff and then tag in Eddie Edwards. They do a tandem leg sweep and dropkick on Jeff. After The Wolves double teaming, Matt gets involved when Jeff pushes Eddie into their corner. The Hardy's return the favor by beating down on Edwards together and delivering tandem moves of their own. Matt then grabs Eddie and rams his head into the turnbuckle repeatedly.

Davey Richards is shown in his corner getting frustrated, as the Hardy's now have the advantage. Eddie fights back with chops and then Matt bites him. The show goes to the break with The Hardy's in full control. When it returns, Jeff is on the offensive and clotheslines Edwards. He then hits a basement dropkick on him and tags in Matt. They double up on Edwards in the corner. Matt hits a legdrop on Edwards and covers him. Richards comes into the ring to break up the count. The Hardy's attempt to suplex Eddie together, Edwards lands on his feet and then hits a double rana on The Hardy's. Edwards tags in Richards. Davey is in, He takes the fight to Matt and Jeff. He rolls up Jeff for a pinfall attempt, Matt charges at Davey but Richards hits a northern lights suplex on him. Richards now has both Hardy's in a pinning predicament. Jeff and Matt kick out.

Matt is up and tries to hit The Twist of Fate on Davey but Richards counters it into a figure four leglock. Jeff tries to run into the ring and break it up, but Davey trips him up and puts him in an ankle lock. Two submission holds at once, cool spot... Both Hardy's are able to get to the bottom rope to break up the holds. Davey continues to work on Matt's knee. Eddie now gets involved and rams Matt's knee into the ringpost. The Wolves now double team Matt. Davey tries to finish off Matt but he battles back with a side effect on him. This enables Matt to tag in Jeff. A fired up Brother Nero takes on both of The Wolves by himself. He hits a flurry of offensive moves on them. Richards breaks up a pinfall attempt by Jeff. Jeff ends up heading to the top rope and hits a senton on both of The Wolves.

Matt is back in the ring and starts calling for Deletion. The crowd chants along with him. Matt attempts a twist of fate on Eddie but gets backed into the corner where Jeff is. Jeff gets knocked down and Matt ends up falling to the outside. Edwards then attempts to superplex Jeff, Hardy knocks him down and then leaps off for a swanton bomb, but Edwards puts up his knees. Davey Richards now rushes over to Jeff and hits a brainbuster on him while Eddie kicks Jeff in the head. The pinfall attempt is broken up by Matt. Davey grabs Matt and disposes of him to the outside.

The Wolves now set up to finish off Jeff. He knocks down Eddie, Davey goes after him and attempts a double foot stomp. Jeff moves out of the way and Matt intercepts Davey Richards. He hits the twist of fate on him and Jeff then hits a swanton bomb. He goes for the cover but Edwards makes the save. All 4 men in the ring now. Eddie tries to fight off The Hardy's and he succeeds. Davey is up and they now set up Jeff for their finisher. Matt grabs Eddie's leg before he can run, and do The Boston Knee Party. Eddie heads outside by leaping onto Matt. Meanwhile, Davey is still holding Jeff up. He gets frustrated when he sees that Eddie is on the outside. Richards lets go of Jeff and heads to the apron to yell at Eddie. Jeff sneaks up behind Davey and schoolboys him to get the pinfall victory.

The Hardy's defeat The Wolves to retain The TNA World Tag Team Championships

After the match, Davey Richards throws a fit. He yells at Eddie Edwards when he gets back in the ring. The Hardy's are also in the ring celebrating their title defense. The show goes off to the air with this scene.