Today In History (1/13): TNA Genesis '13, Clash Of The Champions XXII, Jack Swagger Wins ECW Title

- Shad Gaspard (born January 13, 1981) turns 36

- Mason Ryan (born 13 January 1982) turns 35

- John Kronus (January 13, 1969 July 18, 2007)


Georgia Championship Wrestling: January 13, 1950
in the Atlanta Municipal Auditorium in Atlanta, Georgia

- Jim Coffield defeated Red McIntyre
- Don McIntyre defeated Babe Sharkey
- Bibber McCoy & Nick Carter defeated Earl Wampler & The Blimp by Count Out
- Johnny Long defeated Jack LaRue by DQ

AWA: January 13, 1961
in Mankato, Minnesota

- Jim Hady defeated Bill Wright
- Annette Palmer & Millie Stafford defeated Lorraine Johnson & Mars Monroe
- Gene Kiniski (c) defeated Bob Geigel in a AWA United States Heavyweight Title Match

NWA Western States: January 13, 1970
in Odessa, Texas

- Billy Spears defeated Emile Dupree
- Mr. Wrestling defeated Inferno X
- The Beast defeated The Lawman
- Ricky Romero & Terry Funk defeated Dick Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes [2:1] in a Best Two Out Of Three Falls Tag Team Match
- Harley Race defeated Rufus R. Jones [2:1] in a Best Two Out Of Three Falls Match
- ??? vs. Billy Spears vs. Dick Murdoch vs. Dusty Rhodes vs. Emile Dupree vs. Harley Race vs. Inferno X vs. Man Mountain Mike vs. Mr. Wrestling vs. Ricky Romero vs. Rufus R. Jones vs. Terry Funk vs. The Beast vs. The Lawman in a 14 Man Battle Royal

WWF Championship Wrestling: January 13, 1981
at the Agricultural Hall in Allentown, Pennsylvania

- Sgt. Slaughter defeated John Callahan
- Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated Johnny Rodz & Jose Estrada
- Pedro Morales defeated Ron Shaw
- Sgt. Slaughter defeated Angelo Gomez
- SD Jones defeated Frank Savage
- Stan Hansen defeated Dominic DeNucci & Rick McGraw in a Two On One Handicap Match
- Hulk Hogan defeated Siaca & Steve King in a Two On One Handicap Match
- Rick Martel & Tony Garea defeated Baron Mikel Scicluna & Fred Savage
- SD Jones defeated Ron Shaw
- Stan Hansen defeated Steve King

WCW Power Hour: January 13, 1990
in Gainesville, Georgia

- Arn Anderson defeated The Great Muta (w/ Buzz Sawyer & The Dragon Master) (c) to win the NWA World Television Championship

WWF Superstars of Wrestling: January 13, 1990
at the Von Braun Civic Center in Huntsville, Alabama

- The Rockers (Marty Jannetty & Shawn Michaels) defeated Lee Peak & Mike Davis
- Tito Santana defeated Iron Mike Sharpe
- Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Mike Shelton
- Jim Duggan defeated Tony Burton
- Ted DiBiase (w/ Virgil) defeated Dale Wolfe
- Rick Martel defeated Jerry Monti

WCW Main Event: January 13, 1991
at the Reaves Arena at Perry, Georgia

- Brian Pillman, Sting & The Steiner Brothers (Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner) vs. The Four Horsemen (Arn Anderson, Barry Windham, Ric Flair & Sid Vicious) ended in a Double DQ

WWF Wrestling Challenge: January 13, 1991
at the West Palm Beach Auditorium in West Palm Beach, Florida

- Jim Duggan defeated Tom Stone
- The Warlord (w/ Slick) defeated Kevin Davis
- Shane Douglas defeated Black Bart
- The Big Boss Man defeated Bob Bradley
- Tugboat defeated Spike Jones
- Earthquake (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Don Steel

WCW Clash of the Champions XXII: January 13, 1993
at the MECCA Arena in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

- Cactus Jack defeated Johnny B. Badd
- 2 Cold Scorpio defeated Scotty Flamingo
- Chris Benoit defeated Brad Armstrong
- The Wrecking Crew (Wrecking Crew Fury & Wrecking Crew Rage) defeated Johnny Gunn & The Z-Man
- Ricky Steamboat & Shane Douglas (c) defeated Flyin' Brian & Steve Austin by DQ to retain the NWA/WCW Unified World Tag Team Title Match
- Cactus Jack, Dustin Rhodes & Sting defeated Barry Windham, Big Van Vader & Paul Orndorff in a Steel Cage Match

WWF Superstars of Wrestling: January 13, 1996
at the Stabler Arena in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

- The Smoking Gunns (Bart Gunn & Billy Gunn) (c) defeated Jason Ahrndt & Phil Apollo to retain the WWF World Tag Team Championship
- Jeff Hardy defeated Razor Ramon by Count Out
- Jeff Jarrett defeated Marty Garner
- Duke Droese defeated The Spider 1
- Goldust defeated Barry Horowitz
- Owen Hart (w/ Jim Cornette) defeated Henry O. Godwinn

WCW Saturday Night: January 13, 1996
at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Georgia

- Alex Wright defeated Steve Armstrong
- Eddie Guerrero defeated Scott Armstrong
- The Taskmaster (w/ Jimmy Hart) defeated Butch Long
- The American Males (Marcus Alexander Bagwell & Scotty Riggs) defeated Men At Work (Chris Kanyon & Mark Starr)
- VK Wallstreet defeated Mr. JL
- Meng (w/ Hugh Morrus) defeated Dusty Wolfe
- Randy Savage (w/ Hulk Hogan) defeated Ric Flair (w/ Jimmy Hart & The Giant) (c) by DQ in a WCW World Heavyweight Championship Match

WWF Mania: January 13, 1996
at the Bob Carpenter Center in Newark, Delaware

- Bret Hart (c) defeated Buddy Landel to retain the WWF World Heavyweight Championship

WCW Monday Nitro: January 13, 1997
in the Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana

- Chavo Guerrero Jr. defeated Mr. JL
- Jim Duggan fought Super Calo to a no contest
- Chris Jericho defeated Sgt. Craig Pittman
- Harlem Heat (w/ Sister Sherri) defeated High Voltage
- Diamond Dallas Page defeated Mark Starr
- Dean Malenko defeated WCW US Champion Eddie Guerrero in a non-title match
- Konnan (w/ Jimmy Hart) (sub. for Jim Duggan) defeated Super Calo
- Jeff Jarrett defeated Chris Benoit (w/ Woman)
- Scotty Riggs defeated Billy Kidman
- Lex Luger defeated Rick Fuller
- Rick Steiner (w/ Scott Steiner) defeated Arn Anderson via count-out
- The Giant defeated WCW World Champion Hulk Hogan (w/ Ted Dibiase) via disqualification in a non-title match

WWF Monday Night RAW: January 13, 1997
at Knickerbocker Arena in Albany, New York

- Jerry Lawler & WWF IC Championion, Hunter Hearst Helmsley defeated Goldust (w/ Marlena) & Marc Mero (w/ Sable) via disqualification
- Rocky Maivia defeated WWF Tag Team Championion Davey Boy Smith (w/ Clarence Mason) via count-out
- The Undertaker defeated Crush (w/ The Nation) via disqualification

WWF Smackdown: January 13, 2000
at the AllState Arena in Chicago, Illinois

- Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg defeated Bradshaw in a No DQ handicap match
- Rikishi & Too Cool defeated Al Snow, Hardcore Holly, & Crash Holly
- Test defeated Gangrel (w/ Luna) by DQ
- Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy (w/ Terri Runnels) defeated Albert The Big Bossman
- Edge & Christian defeated Kurt Angle & Steve Blackman
- Billy Gunn & The Road Dogg pinned Farooq in a No DQ handicap match
- The Godfather & D-Lo Brown defeated The Headbangers
- Kane (w/ Tori) defeated Chris Jericho
- Triple H & X-Pac (w/ Stephanie McMahon) defeated The Rock & The Big Show

WWF Jakked: January 13, 2001
at the San Jose Arena in San Jose, California

- Crash defeated Essa Rios
- K-Kwik defeated Donovan Morgan
- Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay & Scotty 2 Hotty) defeated Boyce LeGrande & Robert Thompson

WWF Heat: January 13, 2002
at the Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York

- Dark match: Brock Lesnar defeated Randy Orton
- Dark match: Ron Waterman defeated Rico Costantino
- Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty defeated Crash & Funaki
- Billy Gunn defeated Tajiri
- The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray Dudley & D-Von Dudley) defeated Perry Saturn & Sgt. Slaughter

WWE Monday Night RAW 10th Anniversary special: January 13, 2003
at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut

- Victoria (w/ Steven Richards) (c) defeated Jacqueline & Trish Stratus in a Triple Threat Hardcore Match to retain the WWE Women's Championship
- Maven & Test (w/ Stacy Keibler) defeated Christopher Nowinski & D-Lo Brown
- William Regal (w/ Lance Storm) defeated Jerry Lawler by Disqualification
- Jeff Hardy defeated Raven to earn the Final RAW Rumble Spot
- Booker T (w/ Goldust) vs. Lance Storm (w/ William Regal) Ended in a No Contest
- The Hurricane (w/ Trish Stratus) defeated Steven Richards (w/ Victoria)
- Chris Jericho defeated Batista, Kane & Rob Van Dam in an Over the top challenge, the winner can pick his Royal Rumble number

WWE Friday Night Smackdown: January 13, 2005
at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, Florida

- The Cabinet (Doug Basham & Danny Basham) defeated Rey Mysterio & Rob Van Dam (c), Booker T & Eddie Guerrero, and Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak in a Four Corners Elimination Match to win the WWE Tag Team Championship
- Kurt Angle defeated Roderick Strong in a Kurt Angle Invitational
- John Cena (c) defeated Kenzo Suzuki (w/ Hiroko Suzuki) to retain the WWE United States Championship
- Amy Weber defeated Joy Giovanni
- Sho Funaki (c) defeated Nunzio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

WWE Heat: January 13, 2006
at the Giant Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania

- Dark match: Jamal & Rosey defeated Bison Bravado & Trent Acid
- Gregory Helms defeated Justin Pencano
- Tyson Tomko defeated Antonio (w/ Romeo)
- Lance Cade defeated Nick Berk
- Viscera defeated Trevor Murdoch by Count Out

TNA Xplosion: January 13, 2006
in Orlando, Florida at the Universal Studios

- Team Canada (A1, Bobby Roode & Petey Williams) defeated Shark Boy & The Naturals (Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens)

WWE Friday Night Smackdown: January 13, 2006
at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

- Randy Orton (replacement for Booker T) (w/ Booker T & Sharmell) [4] defeated Chris Benoit [3] in a WWE United States Championship Best Of Seven Series Match # 7 to win the vacant WWE United States Championship
- Kurt Angle defeated Brian Kendrick, John Bradshaw Layfield, Bobby Lashley, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Mercury, Nitro, Nunzio, Orlando Jordan, Paul Burchill, Paul London, Psicosis, Rey Mysterio, Road Warrior Animal, Simon Dean, Super Crazy, Sylvan, Vito & William Regal in a 20 man Battle Royal to win the vacant World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Heat: January 13, 2008
at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Connecticut

- Dark Match: Atlas DaBone defeated Nic Nemeth (w/ Big Rob)
- Harry Smith defeated Greg Cardona
- Super Crazy & Hacksaw Jim Duggan defeated Mega & Big Daddy Flex by DQ
- Santino Marella defeated Brian Kendrick

ECW on Sci-Fi: January 13, 2009
at the Tyson Events Center in Sioux City, Iowa

- Dark Match: Kofi Kingston defeated Mark Henry (w/ Tony Atlas)
- DJ Gabriel & Alicia Fox defeated Paul Burchill and Katie Lea Burchill
- The Boogeyman defeated Sammy Savaro
- Jack Swagger defeated Matt Hardy (c) to win the ECW World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Superstars: January 13, 2011
at the BJCC in Birmingham, Alabama

- Gail Kim defeated Alicia Fox
- Darren Young, David Hart Smith, Primo & Yoshi Tatsu defeated The Uso Brothers (Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso), William Regal & Zack Ryder
- Chris Masters & JTG defeated Chavo Guerrero & Curt Hawkins

TNA iMPACT!: January 13, 2011
in the TNA Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida

- Dark Match: Shannon Moore defeated TJ Perkins
- Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) (c) defeated The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin) to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship
- Angelina Love & Winter (c) defeated Madison Rayne & Tara to retain the TNA Women's Knockout Tag Team Championship
- Matt Morgan defeated Abyss (w/ Ric Flair)
- Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy defeated Mr. Anderson & Rob Van Dam

WWE Friday Night Smackdown: January 13, 2012
at the Laredo Energy Arena in Laredo, Texas

- Dark Match: Skip Sheffield defeated Percy Watson
- Justin Gabriel defeated Heath Slater (WATCH HERE)
- Cody Rhodes defeated Ezekiel Jackson (WATCH HERE)
- Ted DiBiase defeated Drew McIntyre (WATCH HERE)
- Sheamus defeated Jinder Mahal (WATCH HERE)
- David Otunga defeated Santino Marella (WATCH HERE)
- Brodus Clay defeated Tyson Kidd (WATCH HERE)
- Tamina defeated Natalya (WATCH HERE)
- Daniel Bryan (w/ AJ Lee) (c) vs. The Big Show ended in a no contest in a No Disqualification Match for the World Heavyweight Championship (WATCH HERE)
- Dark Match: The Big Show defeated Mark Henry

TNA Genesis: January 13, 2013
at the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida

- Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez (c) defeated Matt Morgan and Joey Ryan to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championship
- Mr. Anderson defeated Samoa Joe
- Christian York defeated Kenny King in a TNA X Division Championship #1 Contender's Tournament Final
- Rob Van Dam (c) defeated Christian York to retain the TNA X Division Championship
- Devon defeated Joseph Park
- Velvet Sky defeated ODB, Miss Tessmacher, Mickie James, and Gail Kim in a Gauntlet match to determine the #1 contender for the TNA Women's Knockout Championship
- Christopher Daniels (w/ Kazarian) defeated James Storm
- Sting defeated D.O.C.
- Jeff Hardy (c) defeated Bobby Roode and Austin Aries in a Triple Threat Elimination match to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Monday Night RAW: January 13, 2014
at the Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island

- The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) defeated The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan) (w/ Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) by Disqualification (WATCH HERE)
- John Cena defeated Damien Sandow (WATCH HERE)
- The Big Show defeated Jack Swagger (w/ Antonio Cesaro & Zeb Colter) (WATCH HERE)
- The Shield (Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) defeated CM Punk & The New Age Outlaws (The Road Dogg & Billy Gunn) (WATCH HERE)
- AJ & Tamina defeated The Funkadactyls (Naomi and Cameron)
- Kofi Kingston defeated Randy Orton (WATCH HERE)
- The Brotherhood (Cody Rhodes & Goldust) defeated RybAxel (Curtis Axel & Ryback) (WATCH HERE)
- Alberto Del Rio defeated Rey Mysterio
- The Usos (Jimmy & Jey Uso) defeated The Wyatt Family (Bray Wyatt & Daniel Bryan) (w/ Luke Harper & Erick Rowan) in a Steel Cage Match

Giant Tiger vs. Swamp Monster - BattleWar: January 13, 2014

WWE Main Event: January 13, 2015
at the Baton Rouge River Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

- Los Matadores (Diego & Fernando) (w/ El Torito) defeated Gold & Stardust
- The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) defeated John Skyler & Purple Haze (WATCH HERE)
- Rusev (w/ Lana) defeated Justin Gabriel by submission
- The New Day (Big E, Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods) defeated Adam Rose, Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (w/ Natalya) (WATCH HERE)

The 2015 NXT Year-End Awards are presented: WWE NXT: January 13, 2016

WWE NXT: January 13, 2016
at the Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida

- Dark Match: Becky Lynch defeated Natalya
- Dark Match: The Big Show defeated Heath Slater
- Tommaso Ciampa defeated Danny Burch by submission
- Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson defeated The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) (WATCH HERE)
- Elias Samson defeated Corey Hollis
- Carmella defeated Alexa Bliss, Aliyah, Asuka, Billie Kay, Cameron, Deonna Purrazzo, Emma, Eva Marie, Liv Morgan & Peyton Royce in a NXT Women's Title No. 1 Contender's Battle Royal (WATCH HERE)
WATCH: Meet the new No. 1 Contender, Carmella: WWE NXT, Jan. 13, 2016
WATCH: NXT General Manager William Regal answers Who will challenge Bayley?: WWE NXT, January 13, 2016

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