Top Star Announces Departure From AAA

Pentagon Jr. made a surprise appearance with AAA wrestlers Daga and Garza Jr. (who both also left AAA) last night in the main event at The Crash Luchas promotion in Tijuana Mexico. That match saw The Broken Hardys become The Crash Tag Team Champions.


Pentagon Jr. announced his departure from AAA this morning and will start going by the name of PENTA EL 0M (Cero Miedo), as AAA and Lucha Underground own the names of Pentagon Jr. and Pentagon Dark. He commented on his departure on his Twitter and Facebook accounts, as seen below:

Hello to everyone because as you know today, I belong to the company aaa and I become a fully independent wrestler. And to clarify my new name is
Penta 0 M!!!! and on the faction of dogs of evil we're just awaiting the
Acceptance of the person in charge of the mark if he wants to continue to belong to this faction or stays in aaa that I confirm
After these days I'll do a live to clear all your doubts while I know i count on your support at this stage of my career thanks!! Remember Penta 0 M


Charles Barrios contributed to this article.