Total Divas Mid-Season Finale Recap (1/25): Lana's Wedding, Nikki's Return, Dean & Renee, The Draft

Total Divas Mid-Season Finale
Season 6 Episode #10- "The Big Day"

Here is the synopsis for the mid-season finale:
"Renee brings Dean Ambrose home to meet her family; the big wedding day for Lana and Rusev has finally arrived; Nikki discovers if she's cleared to return to the WWE in time for the draft."

The show opens with Nikki Bella and John Cena having lunch in a restaurant in Tampa, Florida. Nikki and John discuss her recovery from neck surgery. Nikki is excited that she may be returning soon. Nikki's last hurdle is her next doctor's appointment. She has a cat scan scheduled to see if the bone in her neck has fused. Nikki jokes with Cena that she wants to wrestle him when she returns. John tells her that his mind is blown by the idea. Nikki wants Cena to hit her with his finisher. Cena responds by saying that he tries that every night.

The next scene has Renee Young, Maryse, Lana, Dana Brooke and Eva Marie working out together. They discuss the brand extension draft and Lana's upcoming wedding. Lana tells the women that she wants to give Rusev the present of an actual Elephant. Rusev loves them and Lana wants one so they can take a picture with it. Maryse goes on the defense for Elephants, and how they are mistreated. Maryse mocks Lana for even considering renting a real elephant. Lana points out that Maryse wears leather boots. Maryse says that it isn't the same thing. When Maryse leaves the Gym, Dana Brooke approaches Lana and tells her to do whatever she wants.

We are now at Monday Night Raw in Cleveland. This show took place back in July prior to The Draft. Trinity(Naomi) and Jon(Jimmy Uso) are backstage in makeup talking about the upcoming draft. They discuss the possibility of them two being split up. Jon cheers up Trinity and tells her to not stress about it.... Maryse is now shown backstage with her husband The Miz. Maryse tells him about Lana's elephant idea for her wedding. She goes on to say that she won't be going to Lana's wedding if she does go ahead with it..... Renee is now shown backstage. She is with Natalya. Renee tells her that she is going with Dean Ambrose back home to Toronto for her birthday weekend. Dean is going to be meeting Renee's parents for the first time. Renee is worried about the kind of impression, Dean will end up making on them.

Dean Ambrose and Renee Young are now in Toronto. Renee jokes about potentially moving there together in the future. Dean shoots down that idea immediately. They then talk about Dean meeting Renee's parents. Dean jokes that Renee might get jealous because her mom might make a play for him.

Back in Tampa, Nikki Bella has her final cat scan before she can get cleared with the draft coming up.

Back to Toronto, Renee is upset with the way Dean looks. Her parents are arriving shortly and Dean hasn't showered yet. Renee tells Dean to fix his hair. Ambrose responds by saying, that by implying fixed, Renee is saying that his hair is broken. Renee jokes that Dean looks like a hobo. Renee's mom Carole arrives. Dean greets her with flowers and beer. He throws in a poop joke for added measure. Dean actually ends up flirting with Renee's mom. He wants to take Carole bungee jumping off of The CN tower. Carole can't because she has a swollen foot. She takes off her bandage to show it and Dean and Renee freak out.

Meanwhile in Tampa, Nikki Bella gets the results of her cat scan. Dr. Juan Uribe gives her good news and clears her to return to the ring.

We are now in Tennessee with Lana and Rusev poolside at their home. Lana watches videos online of Elephants being treated poorly. She tells Rusev that she agrees with what Maryse said about renting elephants for her wedding. Lana is disappointed but is happy about potentially having a flower arch at her wedding. Rusev isn't so keen on the idea because it is too expensive. Lana and Rusev race in the pool with the winner getting what they want. Lana wins.

Back in Tampa, Nikki Bella meets up with Natalya. Nikki tells Nattie the good news about being cleared to return.

Dean Ambrose is having lunch outdoors with Renee and her family in Toronto. Renee is joined by her father Stephen, mother Carole, brother Eric and his wife Katie. While they are ordering food. Some drunk guy walking down the street, snatches Renee's hat off of her head. Ambrose takes off after the guy. Dean catches up with him and his friend and gets the hat back. Ambrose makes a big scene and catches the attention of people on the street. Renee tries to hold Dean back. Dean makes the guy apologize and admit to being drunk. Renee is upset with Dean for acting like a psychopath in front of her family. Dean doesn't think it's a big deal. He didn't want anyone to get away with stealing from her. Renee says that Dean will probably just go back to lunch and act like nothing ever happened. Dean says, it's exactly what he is going to do. Ambrose lives up to his words. He goes back to his table and takes a shot with Renee's dad and acts like nothing just happened. Renee is ticked off and she says that she wants to go home now. Dean says that he is going to take Renee's mom to a spot across the street.

Nikki Bella is now at The WWE Performance Center in Orlando. She meets up with WWE Athletic Trainer Brian Duncan. Nikki does an in-ring physical. She admits to feeling out of shape during the physical.

Back in Toronto, Dean Ambrose and Renee's Mom Carole are doing shots at a local pub. Renee shows up with her family and gets them to leave. When they are outside, Dean offers to play a little game he calls "Human Frogger", as he then attempts to dodge cars in the middle of the street. The whole family cracks up laughing.

Lana is now in Malibu at Calamigos Ranch in Malibu. The location is ten minutes away from the site of her wedding. Lana is with Rusev and friends. Nikki arrives and meets up with Lana. Rusev says that he has a surprise and it's Brie and Daniel Bryan, who have also shown up for the festivities. Rusev's actual surprise is a Lamborghini. Something that he has purchased for himself. Lana isn't happy with Rusev being selfish.

Back in Toronto, It's the day after Dean's drunk guy chase, and Renee and Carole are with him again. This time they are at a local tavern. Dean orders two different drinks. Renee gets on his case. She tells him to slow down and not go overboard. Renee's mom tells her to stop being mean to Ambrose. When they leave the tavern, Dean waits outside while Renee and her mom go into a local shop. Carole asks her daughter why she is so mad. Renee says that Dean's behavior may seem fun now but he's always this way. He never takes anything serious. While Renee and her mom are talking, Dean is shown outside goofing around with the people walking by him. Carole ends up defending Dean. She tells Renee that she should allow him to be himself. She calls Dean's act yesterday noble. How he rose up to defend his woman at a moments notice. Carole tells Renee that if she tries to prohibit Dean from having fun. He will end up not wanting to be around her.

Back in Malibu. Lana is at lunch with Nikki Bella. She talks about all the differences, she has been having with Rusev leading up to their wedding. One of the disagreements has to do with the tradition of taking a man's last name. Lana is shown training with Rusev and suggesting that he take her last name. Nikki advises Lana to sweep all these issues under the rug before their wedding.

Back in Toronto, Renee apologizes to Dean for the way she has been treating him during this visit. They end up kissing and making up. Dean gives Renee a german suplex onto the bed. They then go outside for drinks with Renee's family. They all celebrate her birthday. Dean ends up playfully choking Renee out with his nunchucks.

The entire cast has now shown up for Lana's wedding in Malibu. Rusev and Lana's family are on hand for dinner the night before their wedding. Later that night, Rusev tells everyone that he and Lana will be spending the night together. Daniel Bryan tells them that it's a no-no. That Rusev can't see Lana until she walks down the aisle. Rusev agrees to go along with this tradition...... The next day, Lana is prepping for the wedding. She receives a gift from Maryse & The Miz. They give Lana and Rusev an assortment of elephant figures. Lana is reminded of how she actually thought of getting Rusev actual elephants, while he doesn't even want to get her an arch.

The next scene is Rusev and Lana getting married on the beach in Malibu. Lana sees that Rusev got her the flower arch that she wanted. Lana's father walks her down the aisle to Rusev. He tells him to take care of her. Rusev says "she is mine now" to laughs from everyone gathered. Lana's father is a pastor and is also the officiant for this marriage. "Handsome" Rusev reads his vows to Lana and gets a great reaction from everyone. Lana starts crying during her vows. She says that she wants to take Rusev's last name. They exchange rings and kiss. Lana's dad Bob pronounces them man and wife but botches Rusev's real last name of Barnyashev.

After the ceremony, It is revealed that Lana has designed a circus like setting for everyone. She has an actual ferris wheel and of course a life sized Elephant statue set up for Rusev. Nattie and Nikki talk to Rusev. Nattie tells Rusev, how he and Lana love each other for their imperfections. Rusev responds by saying that they fill each other's holes. He laughs and quickly tries to correct himself. Nikki responds with "well you gotta do that too"...

Everyone gets together for the big wedding party, Rusev does a toast and teases Lana's dad Bob for botching his last name. When the cake is cut by Rusev and Lana. They hit each other in the face with it. Meanwhile, Nikki is frowning at her table. She receives a text and shows it to her sister Brie. Nikki calls it the worst email that she can possibly get. It's revealed that Nikki was notified, that she will not be a part of the upcoming draft. Nikki is bummed out because she is itching to be active again. Daniel Bryan gives her words of wisdom and encouragement. He tells her that she shouldn't be rushed back into things immediately after being cleared. This cheers her up.

The final scene of the show takes place at The WWE Draft in Worcester, Mass. Everyone in the cast is shown backstage. The couples are worried about being split up. They all wonder where their careers are headed. Eva Marie talks about the fear of not being drafted. Nikki Bella is not at TV, She is instead working out at The Performance Center...... The superstars are now shown sitting together backstage awaiting the announcements of where they are headed. Paige is petrified because she doesn't know if she will ever wrestle again. The show ends with the caption of "To Be Continued" pasted on the screen.

Season Six of Total Divas will return in April. Paige tweeted a preview for it in the video below.


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