Total Divas Recap (1/4): Paige Snaps When A Secret Is Revealed, Natalya's Heel Turn, Bella Business

Total Divas
Season 6 Episode 7 "A Win-Wine Situation"

This is the synopsis for tonight's show.
Paige attempts to hide a serious neck injury; Nikki wants to start a winery and becomes offended when Brie doesn't take her seriously; Nattie's wrestling character has to turn "bad" and the crowd doesn't know how to react.


Total Divas starts off with it's usual light hearted scene. Paige is backstage at Raw and she gets a freebie and cops a feel of Big E's breasts.

Renee Young and Natalya are in the makeup area. Renee asks Natty if she has heard about the upcoming brand extension. Renee tells Natty that she hopes that her and Dean Ambrose are not being split up..... Renee, Eva Marie and Nataylya are now in a different area backstage, WWE Producer John Laurinatis is walking by and Natalya stops to ask him a question. She tries to get some details from him about the split but Laurinatis claims that he doesn't know anything. The women laugh at John and know that he is not telling the truth.


The Total Divas theme plays and it is followed by this quote by Paige.
I'm pissed. Now everything I didn't want is happening, and I've only told one person.

The next scene of the show is Nikki and Brie Bella working out together at a gym. Nikki wants to go to Napa Valley with Brie while John Cena is away filming a movie. Brie agrees to it but asks Nikki to not bring up business, while they are there. Brie tells Nikki, that she stresses her out and thinks that it may be killing her fertility and stopping her from getting pregnant.

We are now at a WWE Live Event in Detroit, Michigan. Natalya has arrived and sees WWE VP of talent relations, Mark Carrano. After joking with each other about Natalya's struggles to find buildings. Mark tells Natty that he has to have a meeting with her later. Natalya laughs and asks if she is being killed off. Mark jokingly says maybe. Off screen, Natalya talks about how she is happy with her current TV time and is worried about changes being made with her..... Natalya runs into Lana and Renee backstage and tells them about the impending meeting.

John Cena and Nikki Bella are now having dinner together at a restaurant in Tampa. Cena comments on Nikki's revealing outfit. Nikki talks about how happy she is to be spending time with John, and how busy he has been of late. With hosting The ESPY'S and everything else. John offers to spend more time with Nikki by designating certain days where they dedicate them to each other. Brings up potential Wednesday hump days.


We are at The Money in The Bank PPV in Las Vegas. This event took place last June. Paige is backstage flirting with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio during his photo shoot. She then talks to Natalya. Natty tells Paige that she is "turning into a bad guy" tonight. That Mark Carrano informed her of a new direction for her character. Natalya says off camera that she wants to take this new role and run with it, but that she is nervous about it.

Clips are then shown of Natalya turning on Becky Lynch in their tag match against Dana Brooke and Charlotte. Renee, Lana and Paige are seated backstage watching the match. Natty's attack on Becky in the post match is shown. The women backstage pop for Natty's turn. The problem for Natalya is that the fans do so as well. Natalya off screen says that she is upset that she got cheered after the match. When that wasn't her desired effect.

The Bellas are now in a car headed to Napa Valley. Nicole off camera talks about their love for wine and thinks that they should get into the winemaking business. Back in the car, Brie attempts to school Nikki on the droughts in California and how they hurt the growth of grapes. Nikki goes to Google to settle the argument. She sort of wins the argument when she finds that the lack or rain is fruitful for wine producers. Bad for white grapes but not for red wine producers. Brie gets agitated with Nikki and spins the conversation into how the drought is not good for mankind.


The Bellas now check themselves into a Resort and Spa. Nikki and Brie end up drinking wine, kicking back and relaxing. Nikki talks about how she would love to slow down and live in this type of environment. She feels that John Cena would never able to live this kind of lifestyle. Nikki thinks that she would have to wait till John gets "super old". By then, she says that she will spend all that time with her vibrator.

We are now at Monday Night Raw in Arizona. Renee Young is backstage with Natalya. Renee shows Natalya a long thread of comments online about her recent heel turn. The screen on Renee's phone is blurred out but it looks like a Wrestling Inc message board to me. Renee says holy crap to all the comments about Natty's turn. Summer Rae stops by and tells Natty that she's not a real bad guy. That she is going to lose her job and have to sell her cats. Good one....... Natty tells Summer that she doesn't have to talk to her and walks away. Summer chases Natty down and says that if she gets fired. She will buy her cats.

Paige is now shown off screen talking about her Raw match teaming with Sasha Banks against Charlotte and Dana Brooke. How excited she is to be back on TV again. Clips are then shown of the match. Paige lands poorly when she takes a double suplex from Charlotte and Dana. Paige talks about she felt a pop in her shoulder and that she is in a lot of pain right now. Paige calls it the most painful feeling of her career. Paige is worried about what may happen with the brand extension coming up. She is then shown going into a trainers room with Alberto Del Rio.


Renee Young is now doing a backstage interview segment at Raw in Phoenix. During the segment, Becky Lynch is attacked by Natalya. Natty is upset after the attack because she received no reaction from the crowd. Natalya talks about not being cheered nor booed. That the fans are just confused. She is worried about it. Natalya goes over to Renee and tells her how aggravated she is that she received no reaction during their segment. Renee thinks that perhaps the turn came out of nowhere and that maybe the fans don't know how to react yet. Natalya thinks that she might get fired because she is not getting the reaction that she should. Renee tries to calm her down.

Meanwhile in San Antonio, Texas. Eva Marie is meeting up with Paige. They are headed to a snake farm. Paige now lives in San Antonio with her boyfriend Alberto Del Rio. Clips are shown from past episodes of Total Divas where Paige and Eva Marie have had issues. Eva off screen talks about her history with Paige and how they have since become friends. During the car ride to The Snake Farm, Paige starts touching her neck and wincing. Eva notices it. Paige blows it off as not being that big of a deal. Eva Marie and Paige arrive at the Snake Farm. Paige wraps a phython around her neck and asks if she is Britney Spears. She chases Eva around with the snake.


At a WWE Live event in Tucson, Arizona. Natalya talks about her heel turn with Renee backstage. Natalya suggests changing her hair color. She has several wigs with her and tries them on. Rusev walks by the women and tells Natty that she looks so much better with the dark hair. Natty thinks she looks ugly. Lana and Renee don't like the look either. Dolph Ziggler comes by and tries on the wig.

Back to Napa Valley. The Bellas are together for some more wine drinking. Nikki tells Brie that she wants to get into the wine business. That she is going to make a pitch to famous winemakers Tim Martin and Ryan Hill. Brie is not keen on Nikki's suggestion of getting into the business. The Bellas argue about it. Brie tells Nikki that she is trying to be like her boyfriend. By always being busy and staying focused on business. Brie also thinks that with Cena away all the time. That Nikki wants to stay active while he is away. Nikki gets upset with her sister after she tells her this.


Back to Eva Marie and Paige in San Antonio. Paige is showing Eva Marie around the city. She takes her to River Walk. Paige compliments Eva on her boobs. She then shows Eva a video of Alberto Del Rio's kids. Paige calls herself a future stepmom. Paige then talks about potentially getting married with Alberto and having his kids. She then talks about how she always avoided marriage with her former boyfriend Kevin. Paige shows Eva a tattoo that she has under her breast with Alberto's name.

Eva Marie off screen, talks about how amazed she is with Paige's relationship with Alberto. How she has become so attached to him in a short amount of time. Eva tells Paige that she is happy for her. Paige actually tells Eva Marie that she has become a good wrestler in the last year...... Paige off screen is shown talking about how well her and Eva have been getting along. How she feels comfortable around her now.

Back to The Bellas, They meet up with Ryan Hill and Tim Martin to discuss business. Well at least Nikki wants to. Brie shoots down the idea. Says that she is not interested. Hill and Martin offer to give The Bellas a hands on experience, as to what it takes to be a winemaker.


Back to Eva and Paige. Eva Marie is driving and Paige reveals that she might need a neck brace. That she is in a lot of pain. Paige tells Eva to not tell anyone about it. With the brand extension coming up, Paige doesn't want her injury to effect her career. Eva Marie promises to not tell anyone. Paige off screen states that she has tv time booked and doesn't want to lose it, because she is injured. Eva Marie leaves the car and buys Paige a neck brace. Calls it her good deed for the day. When Paige puts it on, she starts laughing. Eva tells her not to laugh so hard because she might hurt her neck.

The next scene takes place at Thursday Night Smackdown in Toledo, Ohio. Natalya approaches Mark Carrano, who is talking with Renee Young. She tells him that she has a pitch for the powers that be. Natalya pitches being paired with Eva Marie because Eva has strong "nuclear heat". Natalya feels that the fans will boo her more if she backs Eva. Natty tells Mark that if she can scoop up some of Eva's heat, That it would mean more money for her. Mark says that it's good for Natty but doesn't do anything for anyone else. That she shouldn't be in a position to take away from another talent. Natty gets defensive and says that she is being told that Eva is important while she isn't. Mark says that Natalya is reading the situation wrong. Renee takes Natalya's side. Mark says that Natalya is her own star and shouldn't be riding anyone else's co-tails. Mark walks away from Natalya and says "be your own star".


Back in Napa Valley, The Bellas are now shown how the winemaking process works. They are given a tour and on site lesson.

Back to Smackdown in Toledo. Natalya is shown attacking Becky Lynch during her ring entrance. Trinity(Naomi), Maryse and Renee are shown backstage watching it together. Natalya gets a good heel reaction during and after the attack. Off screen, Natalya talks about how happy she is that she got the right response from the fans. Natty is shown backstage happy at the show. Getting a hug from Renee.

The Bellas are back to the resort in Napa. They are poolside drinking champagne. Nikki continues to talk about her potential wine venture. Brie once again gets on her case. Tells her that she is doing this because of the void she has when John is not around. Brie tells Nikki that she is doing this because she is lonely. Brie also takes the angle that Nikki wants to be like John is in business. Nikki takes exception to this. She says that Brie and Bryan always tell her that she does everything because of John. Nikki says that she is not trying to compete with Cena. That she is going to be a bigger success than he is in business. Off screen, Nicole admits that she is lonely at times without her boyfriend but that she never makes business decisions based on her relationship. Nikki gets upset at Brie and walks away from her. Brie ends up calling Daniel Bryan to talk about Nikki. She tells him about her business aspirations and her claim of being more successful than John Cena. Brie mocks Nikki. Bryan actually takes up Nikki's side. Tells Brie that she shouldn't tell her that she is not going to do something. When Brie explains what she told Nikki, Bryan tells her that she has been in the wrong. Bryan advises Brie to tell Nikki that she is sorry.


Back in Toledo for Smackdown. Paige is backstage and is approached by Mark Carrano. Mark asks Paige to be honest with her. He asks her how she is doing. Paige says that she is great. Mark asks about her physical well being. More specifically her neck. Paige says that there is nothing wrong with her neck. Carrano states that he already knows that she is having issues with her neck. Paige finally reveals that she is hurt but states that it's just a little ding. Carrano tells Paige that she can't perform if she has an injury. That she can't work with others if she has a physical issue. Mark Carrano says that Paige is going to be out until her injury heals or is fixed. Mark tells her to be more honest in the future. Paige is visibly upset and trying to hide her anger as Carrano walks away.

Off screen, Paige admits that she is pissed. That she is being taken off tv and being sent to see a doctor. Paige knows that she has only told one person about the neck injury and that it's Eva. Paige says that she knew that she couldn't trust her. Eva is now shown backstage sitting next to Natalya. Paige confronts Eva. She calls her the "Same Old Eva". Paige calls Eva a "POS" for telling Mark Carrano about her injury. Eva Marie off screen says that she has no idea what Paige is talking about.


Natalya reveals to Paige that she was the one who told Carrano about her neck. That she asked him about it because all the women backstage knew that she injured her neck. Paige snaps and says that she can't trust anyone and walks away. Natty calls Paige's words ridiculous. Renee Young walks over and asks what just happened. Natalya tells Renee about Paige snapping and calling Eva a POS for revealing her neck injury. Natalya says that she spoke with Carrano about promoting a live event between her and Paige. That she asked Carrano about Paige's neck injury. Natalya says that she didn't know that Paige's neck injury was a secret. Eva Marie says off screen that she was told a secret by Paige, and that she kept it. That her mind is blown by how Paige acted towards her.

Back to The Bellas for the finale of this episode. In a long running Total Divas theme. We have the usual Bellas apology, after yet another argument between the two. This time, Brie apologizes to Nikki for making her comments about Nikki trying to be like John Cena. She compliments Nikki for being so driven and determined. Brie says that she was wrong for being so hard on Nikki. That's how this week's show ends.


Next week on Total Divas. Daniel Bryan gets called by The WWE to return to the company and Paige's neck issues continue.