Triple H On The Chances Of A U.K. PPV, William Regal Talks The Possibility Of Wrestling Again

Last night after night one of the WWE UK Championship tournament, Inside The Ropes were part of the press conference with Triple H and William Regal. They sent us these highlights, which you can watch in the video above:

Triple H on the chances of a UK PPV following this weekend's events:

"I think that is a goal of WWE to be here in that way. It's a very difficult process with PPV schedules and coming to the UK or globally to perform live with a live TV component, following that up with RAW and SmackDown. It's a massive undertaking, trying to co-ordinate all that. There were 5 shows going on tonight under WWE. We have somewhere between 18 to 21 trailer trucks that come to our events, it's tough to get them over the ocean. Is it a goal? Yes and I think tonight was one step closer to that goal becoming a reality."

William Regal on if there's any chance of him stepping into the ring with Pete Dunne after their confrontation:

"No, no. My days are long gone. No, no, no. All I ever wanted to be was a wrestler at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and anything after that was a bonus. Then after that I decided I wanted a twenty year career, then when I got to 20, I thought I'd see if I could do another few and I ended up with a 30 year career, which is more than 95% of people who ever come into our industry. I'm done."


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