– Above is Xavier Woods interviewing Seth Rollins before his Madden 17 WWE Tournament Semi-Final match with Kofi Kingston on Sunday. Rollins said he’s going to “annihilate” Kofi in their game. Below is Kingston’s pre-match interview where he taunts last year’s Madden champion.

– Triple H recently spoke with FOX Sports’ Wrestling Compadres where he was asked about Seth Rollins calling him out and if Rollins knew where WWE headquarters was located, here was Triple H’s response:

“Apparently not. Yeah, no. Look, sometimes you just go to the obvious places, and you go out in front of the camera and you try to call a guy out and appeal to his manhood that he will come out and fight you like a man. None of that stuff bothers me. I’m okay with not getting my suit dirty and just sitting in the back a little bit. But at some point in time, be careful what you wish for.”

– Former WWE Superstar, Adam Rose, is returning to his previous Leo Kruger persona, but is now spelling it as “Krugar.” He has also began using a new Twitter handle, as well. Rose was released from the WWE in May of 2016 after being arrested in Florida for domestic violence and tampering with a witness. The charges were eventually dropped after he received professional help.