Tyson T-Bone On WWE UK Championship Tournament, Favorite Opponent, Training Under Robbie Brookside

Tyson T-Bone, who is all set to complete in the WWE UK championship, spoke to The Mirror recently. During the interview, T-Bone talked about the tournament, Kris Travis and more. You can read some highlights below.


The WWE UK championship tournament:

"I think it's amazing. I think the fact they're prepared to have that much faith in the UK right now means that they've sat there, they've studied and they've realised how much potential there is in this country, not only for them to market and to make money, but to produce their own stars, which could then go over [to America] and become megastars. I think that as a whole for the entire UK wrestling scene is unbelievable."

Kris Travis being his favorite opponent:

"Someone asked me earlier who my favourite opponent was and I didn't know if Kris Travis was someone I could actually say, because of him not being with us anymore. But he's someone who, not only would he be my favourite opponent, he would be my favourite person. If we were backstage we would be talking about various things, things completely irrelevant to wrestling, and the next thing one of our entrance music would start playing and we would be like 'oh no' – stood in our street clothes – like 'we've done it again!' The bullrope match is a match that I don't think myself, at that time in my career especially, I couldn't have reached that level with anyone else other than him."


Training under Robbie Brookside:

"When I came back here. First I trained in America at [WWE Hall of Famer] Killer Kowalski's school and when I came back here, I didn't really know where to go to train. I was training with people who lived locally to me, which helped a lot, and then I got dumped in at the deep end with Brian Dixon [the promoter of All Star Wrestling] and the holiday camps. That's where I kind of first met Robbie and then Robbie opened the training school and he said 'look if you're serious, turn up here'. So I turned up there and for want of a better term, he started breaking my balls every week."

Tyson also talked about his style, working in different promotions and much more. You can read the full interview here.

Source: The Mirror