William Regal On If Will Ospreay And Marty Scurll Were Considered For WWE UK Tournament

Rebellious Noise recently posted the video above from the press conference after the recent WWE UK Championship tournament. Below are some highlights from William Regal:

If Will Ospreay and Marty Scurll were considered for the tournament and the CWC:

"Of course they did, the Cruiserweight show as well but they were doing other things. That's just the nature of the industry we're in. Some people you can get, some people you can't, and some people get opportunities because -- people like those guys do incredibly well. Jack Gallagher, who was like, nobody heard of him. But I knew about him and because one of those two guys wasn't in that tournament he got an opportunity in that and look what its led to with him and everyone is talking about him. Those guys are already doing wonderful, no doubt they'll end up coming to work here one day. Whenever they've finished up whatever they're doing, but it gives a lot of people a great opportunity."

Response to those who say the tournament was made because of the ITV World of Sport revamp:

"I heard about that probably the same time as you did... This is not something that's just come up, we know what we're doing. I probably knew about that other thing maybe a week before anybody else knew, because I knew somebody involved in it. That's why I've been able to put this one together, because I know all these people and I had everything in line. Not just me, all of us. We've scouted everybody, these fellas can go, we've put them through tryouts you can check. I'm happy to give you our tryout list, in fact you can look at it from November that we just did in Glasgow, you'll see most of these fellas, or they were from the one in April, or they were on one before, or they were at shows I saw in July. It was all well thought out and put together, you can not just throw things together, you have to plan them out and put it all together. I hope that works as well, because if it does then great that's another group of fellas and ladies that get a chance. And we'll go from there. That's more people we can keep an eye on, and the best will come working for us anyway."

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Rebellious Noise with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

Source: Reb Noise


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