WWE Edits Fan Reaction To Roman Reigns Losing U.S. Title

WWE edited a fan's reaction to Roman Reigns losing the U.S. Championship on last week's episode of WWE RAW. As seen in the video above at the 2:33 mark, after Jericho won the title on last week's show, a fan started jumping up and down for joy. However, in the opening video package of last night's show, an edit was made to show that same fan in shock after Jericho's victory.

It's not the first time that WWE has edited fan reactions when it comes to Reigns. Last May, a fan had a yellow sign at the WWE Payback pay-per-view that read, "When it Reigns, It Bores." The image on WWE.com, which is at this link, was edited to simply read, "When it Reigns."

Trev L contributed to this article.


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