WWE Removes Kenny Omega Comment By Seth Rollins, Deletes Omega References From App And Site

As noted, the top headline on WWE's App earlier today was a video about WWE stars revealing which surprise entrants they'd like to see in the Royal Rumble match. The title for the video on the App was "Watch: Which Superstar Wants Kenny Omega In The Royal Rumble Match?" The video and title was also in the top scroll on WWE.com. In the video, Seth Rollins said that he would want Kenny Omega in the Rumble match.


"Maybe Kenny Omega," Rollins replied. "There's been a lot of buzz about him that his future's up in the air with New Japan, so you never know. Could we see The Cleaner in the Rumble? I don't know."

WWE has since removed the video from WWE.com. They edited the video on the App to remove Rollins' answer about Omega and changed the title to read, "What Surprise Rumble Entrants Do WWE Superstars Want To See?" They also removed The Club saying that they would like to see Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale in the Rumble.

They uploaded the edited version to their YouTube channel, as seen in the video above.